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What are Turkish get-Ups?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Turkish get-ups are a type of exercise that strengthens the core muscles of the body, as well as the muscles of the legs, shoulders, and arms. This is a fairly difficult exercise that will require a spotter standing by, as the body must move in a difficult motion while holding a dumbbell above the body. Many bodybuilders and athletes do Turkish get-ups to improve core strength or to work past a plateau in his or her weight training. The exercise starts with the person lying on the ground, and the final position will require the person to get into a standing position while maintaining support of the weight.

To execute Turkish get-ups, the person will start by lying down on the ground with the legs together and the back straight. He or she will lift a dumbbell of an appropriate weight above the chest with the arm remaining straight throughout the exercise. The other hand will remain empty for stability. Once in position, the person will begin doing Turkish get-ups by lifting the leg on the same side as the dumbbell so that the foot rests squarely on the ground and the knee is bent. This is the first part of the get-up motion.

Man lifting weights
Man lifting weights

The second part of the Turkish get-ups requires the person to roll the body to the side opposite the dumbbell. He or she will put weight on the free arm, then swing the far leg underneath the supporting leg. The free leg will then bend so the person is in the kneeling position. This position is similar to a lunge position at its lowest point. Once steadied, the person will then push forward into a standing position while still keeping the dumbbell raised, now above the head. The arm should remain straight throughout the entire motion. The person will then slowly return to the starting position on the ground by reversing each part of the get-up motion.

Turkish get-ups should be repeated several times for the best results, though it is important for a beginner to recognize his or her limitations. This is a very strenuous exercise, so a beginner should only do a few repetitions on each side of the body before resting. If possible, do this exercise with a spotter standing nearby in case the lifter loses his or her balance or cannot hold the weight of the dumbbell throughout the different motions of the exercise.

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    • Man lifting weights
      Man lifting weights