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What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wholesale Luggage?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree

Some pros of buying wholesale luggage are the potential to receive deep discounts and the ability to band together with other people to get even deeper discounts. On the other hand, the cons of buying wholesale are the marginal discounts when making small orders and the likelihood of accidentally buying poorly made products or counterfeit items. Teamwork and careful research are necessary to avoid these problems, but there is always some risk in ordering a new product from a company never dealt with before.

A major pro of buying wholesale luggage is the potential discount a buyer gets over buying retail price. Luggage is typically an expensive purchase, but when bought wholesale, that price might fall to about 50 percent of the going retail price. The total discount largely depends on how many pieces the customer purchases and how much profit the manufacturer wishes to make off each piece.

Luggage is often an expensive purchase, but when bought wholesale, the price might be 50 percent of the retail price.
Luggage is often an expensive purchase, but when bought wholesale, the price might be 50 percent of the retail price.

One potential con of buying wholesale luggage is that a person must sometimes buy a lot of luggage to get a good discount. A piece is one luggage container or set, and the wholesale company may require all customers to purchase a minimum amount to do business with them. For example, it is not unusual for wholesale companies to place a minimum of six pieces on most items. If the luggage sets are not for resale but for the customer's own use, he or she can group together with others to buy many pieces of luggage and receive a deeper discount than offered when buying alone.

Sometimes wholesale luggage is of inferior quality and not designed to last more than a year with regular use. The luggage handles may break, the wheels pop off, or the clasps snap off. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with cheap luggage that does not happen with well-made luggage containers until after a decade or so.

Another potential con of buying wholesale luggage is the likelihood of purchasing counterfeit items. Some expensive name-brand companies make their own luggage sets, and while these sets are occasionally offered at a discount, they are unlikely to be found new at a small percentage of the going price. Wholesale counterfeit luggage is a real problem similar to counterfeit clothing and jewelry. Sometimes the counterfeit manufacturers hint that the wholesale luggage is not authentic with phrases like “authentic replica name-brand luggage set,” which can be confusing, but basically means the item is a real fake.

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@Sara007 - It can be hard making sure your luggage bags are the real deal, so I would suggest doing some research before making a big purchase. If you are dealing with designer luggage there is a good chance that they will publish a list of authorized distributers that you can check.

When I was buying personalized luggage my family managed to get a really good deal on it, but it wasn't really what you would call a steal. The luggage was still expensive. I think if you're aware that too good of a deal is probably best avoided you should be OK. Just keep your wits about you and don't get taken by a scam artist.


Can anyone tell me how to make sure that the designer luggage you buy through wholesale are actually real?

My friends and I are planning a big trip and feel that if we get our luggage wholesale we'll be able to save a ton of cash. As we're a group of 10 I am positive we can negotiate a good deal on wholesale suitcases. Unfortunately, none of us have ever dealt with this kind of situation before so we're not sure how to avoid being ripped off.

I know in our city there are so many fake wholesale wallets that it makes me really suspicious about wholesale suitcases.


There are actually places you can go where you can buy wholesale luggage and handbags without having to buy several items to get a deal. The wholesale luggage sets available at the store I go to are all available at deep discounts from retail prices and while I suppose their is a tiny markup, making it now totally wholesale, it is better than having to buy a bunch of stuff that you actually wouldn't need.

What I like about places that sell wholesale luggage is that if you do buy more you can get an even better deal. I love being able to haggling and feel like it is a bit of a lost art.

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    • Luggage is often an expensive purchase, but when bought wholesale, the price might be 50 percent of the retail price.
      By: Kurhan
      Luggage is often an expensive purchase, but when bought wholesale, the price might be 50 percent of the retail price.