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What Are the Different Types of Sports Luggage?

C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

There are types of sports luggage to suit almost any sort of sports traveling scenario, from suitcases with icons and team logos to duffel bags designed to hold sports gear and specialty bags for stowing and shipping sports equipment. The hallmark of sports luggage is that is designed, in some way, to accommodate the travel needs of athletes. Most sports luggage is made to be particularly durable. It is frequently oversize, and as such typically comes with at least an optional rolling component.

Sports teams and athletes face unique challenges when traveling. They often need a way to carry both uniforms and specialty athletic shoes along with ordinary, everyday apparel. Transporting equipment — skis, for instance, or golf clubs — is often no easy feat, either. Even carrying something as familiar as basketballs can be challenging when working with limited baggage space. Sports luggage includes many different types of luggage to meet the needs of athletes in a range of traveling situations.

Part of sports luggage are specialty shoes designed for a specific sport.
Part of sports luggage are specialty shoes designed for a specific sport.

Perhaps the most basic sports luggage is luggage meant to be hand-carried by athletes. Most of the time, this kind of luggage comes in the form of a duffel bag, often with the team name embroidered or otherwise affixed on the side. Sports duffels are often slightly larger than ordinary duffels and are made of a tougher material so as to resist tearing from packed items like cleats. Bags often feature internal sections for safe packaging of items like helmets, as well as an easy way to keep athletic clothes and street clothes separated.

Sports luggage also includes luggage designed for use by a team as a whole. Any equipment that individual players are not expected to carry on their own typically goes into the general team bag or bags. Most of the time, this type of sports luggage is designed to be checked or stowed, not carried onto the bus, plane, or other transport carrier’s cabin. These bags are often large and usually have both handles and wheels to make transportation easier.

Bikers, golfers, skiers, and snowboarders are among those who generally only compete with their own equipment. Carrying sports equipment from one place to another is not always easy and often requires special luggage. Any luggage specially designed to carry and protect sports equipment is also known as sports luggage.

Buying sports luggage is usually a team responsibility. Most traveling athletic teams are required to have matching luggage, just as they have matching uniforms. Sometimes, teams will provide a luggage set to athletes. More often, athletes are required to purchase at least individual duffels for themselves, though usually at a group discount.

Individuals who are not athletes can sometimes purchase luggage featuring certain sports teams’ names or logos. Many professional sports teams sell bags with team logos on them as a promotion, and some luggage manufacturers can embroider team symbols on ordinary suitcases when there is demand. This kind of luggage is often commonly referred to as sports luggage, as well, even if it has no connection to the kind of luggage actually used by the named team.

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Some sports luggage looks like regular luggage. So I'm not exactly sure what makes a luggage a sports one. I guess sports luggage tends to be more compact and some can expand or become smaller for storage.

My favorite sports luggage looks like a regular luggage but the best part about it is that it has spinner wheels which makes the luggage much easier to roll.


@ZipLine-- Yes, there are rolling duffel bags, I have one. But keep in mind that the wheels on these might not be as sturdy as wheels on other types of luggage. Of course, it depends on he brand and the quality.

There are two wheels on my duffel bag that are fairly small. So it's kind of difficult to roll this bag and I prefer to carry it by hand instead. As for backpacks with wheels, those are available, but I usually see those being made for kids rather than adults. I could be wrong though.


Are there duffel bags with wheels?

I want a duffel bag for my trip, but I want the option of wheeling it, in addition to carrying it as a backpack. So I need something that's multi-purpose. I'm going to be walking a lot so I can't be wheeling it all the time, but I do want that option.

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    • Part of sports luggage are specialty shoes designed for a specific sport.
      By: Dirima
      Part of sports luggage are specialty shoes designed for a specific sport.