What Are the Different Types of Security Career Opportunities?

Lori Kilchermann

Security career opportunities are available in many forms, from physical security at an office building to work inside an armored truck. Many types of security career opportunities are not widely publicized, such as airport and casino security positions. These security officers commonly blend in with the crowd and are not typically noticed until they are needed. Other security career opportunities are found in private security, such as a body guard, and government security, such as agents with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Armed security positions may involve the protection of very important people.
Armed security positions may involve the protection of very important people.

In nearly all areas of life, security career opportunities exist in one form or another. There are security officers assigned to ride school buses and walk school hallways in some urban areas. Common security jobs entail working in a bank or at a train station, however, many not-so-obvious security career opportunities are available at concert or sporting events, local government agencies and college campuses. Many traveling sporting events and teams employ their own private security to protect the athletes and the venues where they perform. A large number of these security career opportunities are filled by ex-military or former law enforcement officers.

Security officers may be assigned to school buses.
Security officers may be assigned to school buses.

A relatively new and growing area for security career opportunities lies within the grounds of gated communities. Many of the people that live in these areas are willing to pay someone to monitor all who enter the property. This gives the occupants of the homes a feeling of safety and protection not often found in other types of living situations. Many of the security career opportunities do not involve keeping people out; rather, the jobs entail keeping people in, such as security positions at prison security and mental health facilities. Many of these security officers deal only with the internal population of inmates and patients on a daily basis.

Some security officers are able to travel the world while providing undercover protection to airline passengers. These officers are typically positioned among the regular passengers throughout the airplane. Unless the need arises, the passengers on the plane are not aware that a security officer is present.

Both armed and unarmed career positions are available in the security industry, with many of the armed positions involving very important people, such as government officials, movie stars and musicians. Protecting these people and their families throughout their daily routine is typically a full-time job, and many security officers often maintain a living quarters on their clients' property.

Airports are often in need of trained security officers.
Airports are often in need of trained security officers.

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