What Are the Different Types of Government Career Opportunities?

Jan Fletcher

The different types of government career opportunities may closely resemble similar jobs in the private sector, as well as including jobs specific to government. The latter type of positions includes work in the political, defense, and emergency management sectors. Government career opportunities are not limited to direct hires, as there are abundant openings to work as a contractor with the government at local, regional, or national levels. Other opportunities in government work can be found in charitable relief done to encourage peaceful international relationships through acts of mercy. Other government career opportunities may occur through conscripted service, long or short term contracts, or salaried positions.

Individuals work for many levels of government as employees or contractors.
Individuals work for many levels of government as employees or contractors.

Jobs specific to a government career typically revolve around the tasks of running a political system, defending a territory or nation against military aggression, and relief measures aimed at providing a population with life's essentials. Political jobs in government are numerous. Some operate under a patronage system, as when jobs are rewarded based partly or solely on political loyalties.

Other political careers are gained through elections. Even though elected officials are what often come to mind when considering political government career opportunities, many elected officials bring on board a range of aides and assistants. This in turn encourages the growth of the lobbying industry. All of these careers directly draw income from the political process. There is commonly an ongoing exchange of jobs in both government and lobbying, as players may go from one to the other with relative ease.

Government career opportunities may occur through conscription, contracts, or salaried positions. Temporary positions may be available during tax collecting seasons or amid a census count. Private sector contract work for a government may occur at all levels, and is used for both short-term and long-term jobs.

Sometimes there is a push to award contracts as a way to encourage the vitality of small businesses. These may be given preference in contract awards. The types of government career opportunities in contracting may closely resemble opportunities available in the private sector.

Charitable and international peacekeeping endeavors also employ many in government careers. Countries and international organizations may work together to fund development projects, provide aid and training, or build positive relationships. An example of a government career opportunity in this area would be an agricultural expert who helps a nation modernize and improve its agricultural capacity. Preserving and enhancing natural resources is yet another sector in which there are many government career opportunities. These jobs may run the gamut from forestry management to maintenance of hydrological systems and wildlife protection.

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