What are the Different Types of Pool Water Features?

Lumara Lee
Lumara Lee
Side fountains can be a great addition to a swimming pool.
Side fountains can be a great addition to a swimming pool.

Pool water features can be added to enhance a swimming pool or garden pond. Sprays and fountains are inexpensive pool water features that can add an extra, aesthetic element to a pool or pond. If a budget allows for a water feature design with a higher price tag, other options for pool water features include rock waterfalls and sheet falls.

A rock waterfall can be placed beside a pool and have its own water source. Another possibility is to place the waterfall inside the pool so that it uses the water from the pool. Genuine rocks can be used, and synthetic materials that look like rocks and are much lighter are also available.

Sheet falls are a type of waterfall also known as sheer descent falls. They can be incorporated along the edge of a pool. Sheer descent falls create a clear curtain of water that splashes into the pool. This type of waterfall has a more formal appearance than a rock waterfall and will add a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting.

Spray nozzles are another option for someone who wants to add a water feature to a pool. The nozzles can be hidden in planters or shrubs to shoot water into the pool. Nozzles can also be installed inside the pool to shoot streams of water in the air, or to create a bubbling effect.

Fountains can be placed inside or outside of a pool. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Solar-powered fountains don’t require any electricity, and are an inexpensive way to add another water feature.

There are other pool water features that don’t add any water to the pool. A swim-up bar allows people to relax with a drink or snack at a table right inside the pool. Placing colored lights to shine on the water and installing outdoor speakers will add visual elements and sound to a swimming pool. Wireless speakers that look like rocks are a good choice because they will blend in with the other outdoor elements. Religious statuary can give the pool area an ambiance of reverential calm, while statues of whimsical creatures like mermaids and dolphins will create a playful environment.

The sound of running water is relaxing and can help reduce stress. Water dripping in a fountain or splashing from a waterfall can help to drown out traffic noises or the sounds of a neighbor’s barking dog. Adding pool water features to a swimming pool or garden pond can provide a family with many years of relaxation and enjoyment.

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    • Side fountains can be a great addition to a swimming pool.
      Side fountains can be a great addition to a swimming pool.