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What Are the Different Types of Girls' Haircuts?

Emily Pate
Emily Pate

The types of girls' haircuts are usually categorized by length — short, medium, and long — with each having particular defining elements. Short hair usually has a sporty or edgy look, for instance, though bang length and style can vary this. Medium styles provide a bit more versatility, and hair texture plays an important role in determining the cut's silhouette. Long styles require more maintenance than the other two lengths, but also provide a classic and versatile option for updo's and home styling.

Short girls' haircuts are considered to be those that hit at or above the jaw line. These looks may be specified as having a sporty or edgy look, though effects can be very different depending on hair texture and color. For instance, a short pixie cut looks very different from an asymmetrical bob. Bangs may be short, side swept, or layered for a softer look, or, in some cases, significantly longer than the hair, for a young, contemporary style. Short hair cannot typically be put into a pony tail and must be pinned or secured with a headband instead.

A pixie cut is a one type of short hairstyle.
A pixie cut is a one type of short hairstyle.

Girls' haircuts in a medium length provide for more versatility than short hair. They typically make the face appear a bit longer, depending on its shape. Hair texture also effects this. A medium cut on curly hair will typically have more body than the same style with straight hair, especially since the locks will have less weight pulling them down at this length.

Long hairstyles are typically more traditional.
Long hairstyles are typically more traditional.

Layered medium cuts are common, as they frame the face well if done properly. Bangs may be longer and side-swept or cut short to add width to the face. Many medium styles are worn with no bangs. Shag cuts and longer bobs are popular medium styles. Cuts in this length are usually long enough to be worn back in a ponytail, though pinning shorter layers back may be necessary.

Some girls wear bangs.
Some girls wear bangs.

Long girls' haircuts are perhaps the most traditional and classic styles. Once considered the ideal feminine look, long hair frames and can noticeably lengthen a face. The hair requires plenty of care, however, including frequent combing and conditioning.

Especially thick hair may need to be thinned to avoid headaches caused by the weight of the locks. These girls' haircuts, however, allow for the most versatility for DIY styling and updo's. Classic beehives, longer and softer curls, and intricately-braided or curled updo's have the most volume when created with longer hair.

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I've noticed that many women in their sixties and older go for short haircuts. I imagine that this is mostly because short hair is easier to deal with, but I have a feeling that the change in color and texture might have something to do with it.

My mother keeps her hair just long enough to hold a perm, and once it has been permed, it appears to be only a couple of inches long. The perm draws up the hair quite a bit.

However, she doesn't have to do anything to it but wash it and put a little bit of hair gel in. She doesn't blow dry it, and she never has to use any other heating tools on it.

The only drawback is that she has to keep getting it trimmed and permed again every few months. Otherwise, she'll end up with hair that is half curly and half straight.


I have a medium length shag haircut, and it is perfect for me. It is just below my shoulders, and it has plenty of layers to keep things interesting.

I can use a curling iron to make a head full of waves at different lengths, or I can straighten it and flip it out at the ends. Sometimes, I simply use a round brush and a dryer to add volume, and sometimes I put it on velcro rollers for awhile for some lift.

If my hair were any longer than this, I couldn't get much volume. If it were shorter, I couldn't style it as much. This length is the most versatile.


@wavy58 – I don't know how you did that. I could never part with my long hair.

I love putting it up in braided and looped styles, and I could never do this with shorter hair. I also love braiding it and sleeping on it to create waves the next morning.


I really missed my long hair after I got a short cut. My hair had been nearly waist length, but it had been damaged over the years by perms and coloring, so I decided to grow out new hair until it was just at the top of my neck and cut it all off.

I wanted a fresh start. My new hair looked so much more healthy than the hair that had grown out. The contrast was sharp, and it was time to severe the ties between the two.

My stylist put a few light layers in my new cut to keep it from looking too blunt. It took awhile to get used to, but having shiny and healthy hair again made the drastic change worthwhile.

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    • A pixie cut is a one type of short hairstyle.
      By: Lisa F. Young
      A pixie cut is a one type of short hairstyle.
    • Long hairstyles are typically more traditional.
      By: Sergey Nivens
      Long hairstyles are typically more traditional.
    • Some girls wear bangs.
      By: Sandor Kacso
      Some girls wear bangs.