What Are the Best Haircuts for Girls with round Faces?

Emily Pate

The best haircuts for girls with round faces include a variety of styles in different lengths. Each cut emphasizes length to flatter the face's full shape, balancing and framing youthful features like the eyes and mouth. Short, medium, and long hairstyles all have similar but specific elements that look best with round faces, and the right bangs can add a finishing touch, regardless of length.

Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.
Short bob hairstyles may not always work well with round faces.

While certain short styles can accentuate or even exaggerate fullness, the best haircuts for girls with round faces needn't be a certain length. Styles that give height at the crown with lifted bangs or spikes work well, as they elongate the face and bring attention to the eyes instead of the widest areas. Cuts with length just below the chin or ear should be chosen over styles that hit right at the ear or cheeks. Having curly hair may cause these cuts to appear wider, so extra care must be taken to add height to lengthen the face.

Medium-length haircuts can further create the illusion of a longer face, and the hair can be pulled back while still creating volume at the crown with bangs or a pompadour, giving variety to a style while flattering the natural shape. Subtle layers work better than blunt, choppy sections that tuck behind the ears or feather outward. Medium styles that have a slight inward curve and hit right around the shoulders work well, and curly hair may need thinning to prevent a widening effect.

Long styles are ideal haircuts for girls with round faces. The cut length elongates the face, creating a harmonizing balance. Sleek, straight styles give the most dramatic effect, framing the face, and soft, natural waves or curls add texture without too much width, especially since the hair weighs more and pulls down slightly. Thick or curly hair typically still needs some thinning and layering on a long cut, and natural waves and curls work better than tighter, bulkier ones.

The best haircuts for girls with round faces do well with a certain bang style. Blunt-cut or straight bangs tend to shorten the face, making it appear wider. Cuts that side-sweep bangs with a deep, asymmetrical part and keep them clear of the forehead, or get rid of them entirely, lengthen that area, bring the eye down the nose bridge, and slim the face. These cuts can also bring out the eyes and mouth. Straight or thick bangs typically go well with a style that has plenty of height and length to even them out.

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I think that cuts that fall just at the chin make round faces look wider. It's amazing how much just an inch or two of extra length can do to pull down a wide face.

My best friend has a round face, and she started out with a cut that fell right at her chin. It made her face look huge, but in just a couple of months, the hair had grown nearly an inch and a half, and it looked so much better.


@StarJo – Strangely enough, my good friend has really curly hair and a round face, and hers actually looks better with layers. Her hair is nearly shoulder length, but her face looked much wider before she got the layers, because the hair seemed to fan out at the ends and take the face with it.

She has an experienced stylist who knew just where to put the layers. I think the trick was to make the layers stay up and off the face, so they had to be strategically placed.

I knew her when she had really long hair, too, and this style made her face seem less round. I know that it takes a long time to grow out your hair, so you will probably need an expert to put the right layers in for you, even if you plan to work on growing it out.


What can you do if your hair is very voluminous and naturally curly? I'm afraid that cutting it in layers would add even more volume and make my face appear even wider.

Right now, it's nearly to my shoulders and all one length, but it's so puffy that it makes my head look big. What should I do?


I've seen women with extremely round faces trying to pull off really short cuts before, and this just did not work for them. The roundness stood out even more, and they really needed some longer layers to help smooth things out.

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