What Are the Different Types of Eggless Microwave Cakes?

Eugene P.

There are recipes for a few types of eggless microwave cakes, most of which use baking soda help give the cake a light texture. One of the simplest of the eggless microwave cakes is sometimes called a bachelor’s cake and is made with cocoa in a coffee mug or small bowl. A vanilla cake that is similar to a standard yellow cake also can be made without eggs in a microwave. Although it is not quite the same, it is possible to make an informal chocolate Black Forest cake in a microwave, as well. By using condensed and evaporated milk, a three-milk-style cake can be baked in a microwave for a pale, sweet treat.

Baking soda is typically used in eggless microwave cakes.
Baking soda is typically used in eggless microwave cakes.

The most basic and versatile recipe among the various eggless microwave cakes is the adapted version of a classic yellow cake. The batter typically is made from flour, powdered sugar, butter, yogurt, baking soda and vanilla. The ingredients are combined in a microwave-safe dish and cooked a few minutes at a time until the cake has set. The reaction between the baking soda and the yogurt will help the cake rise, as will the steam created while it is cooking in the microwave. Ingredients such as diced apples, cocoa powder, almonds, chocolate chips or banana can be added to the base batter for extra flavor.

Chocolate Black Forest cake can be made in the microwave without eggs.
Chocolate Black Forest cake can be made in the microwave without eggs.

Some eggless microwave cakes are very casual in their preparation and serving style. A bachelor’s cake is made by mixing flour, oil, milk, sugar, cocoa powder and baking soda in a coffee mug or other cup designed for hot liquids. The cup is put in the microwave for only a few minutes, causing the batter to cook and rise. After being removed from the microwave, the cake will fall and can be served and eaten straight from the cup with a fork or spoon. Adding chunks or chips of chocolate before cooking can make a cake that has a rich, moist interior.

A cake that is similar to a three-milk cake from Spanish cuisine works well in a microwave, although it only uses two types of milk. Unlike some other eggless microwave cakes, a milk cake does not rely on pure sugar for sweetness. The batter is made from flour, condensed milk, butter, baking soda, baking powder and other flavorings, such as white chocolate chips. The ingredients are mixed together and cooked in the microwave until set. When done, the cake is covered in condensed and evaporated milk and the mixture is allowed to soak into the cake for a few hours in a refrigerator until fully absorbed.

One of the more unique eggless microwave cakes is a chocolate Black Forest cake. It is made with ingredients similar to those found in the other cakes, including flour, sugar and butter. Baking soda is mixed with acidic carbonated dark soda and added to everything else as a leavening agent. The cake is cooked in the microwave until done and can then be coated in whipped cream and sprinkled with grated chocolate and cherries.

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