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What Are the Different Types of Dishwasher Accessories?

Rhonda Rivera
Rhonda Rivera

Dishwasher baskets and magnets are two widely available dishwasher accessories. Baskets are used to keep small items, like silverware and other kitchen accessories, in one spot. Magnets marked “dirty” on one end and “clean” on the other are often used to let people know the state of the dishes in the dishwasher at a glance. In addition, many people keep dishwasher parts on hand in case of a break. Occasionally, a new dishwasher comes with spare parts just in case, and people store them away until needed.

Baskets are dishwasher accessories that normally come with the machine, but sometimes must be replaced or changed for another reason; either way, dishwasher baskets are one of the most popular and bestselling dishwasher accessories. They are typically used for holding silverware and other small objects, such as pizza cutters and fruit peelers. Often, dishwasher baskets can be removed entirely so that their contents can be put away more easily. In some cases they can be opened or taken apart so that small items or debris can be more easily removed from them. Sometimes, a mesh bag is used instead of a basket.

Baskets are a common dishwasher accessory.
Baskets are a common dishwasher accessory.

Magnets as dishwasher accessories can be purely decorative or serve a function. For example, there are decorative dishwasher magnets that cover the majority of the dishwasher front. Many people find it pleasing to the eye to cover the normally blank slate of the dishwasher front with a magnetic picture of fruit, flowers, or other artwork. In addition, there are smaller magnets marked with the words “clean” and “dirty” that can be turned to indicate whether or not the dishes inside the machine are clean. While many magnets are designed to be placed on a dishwasher, any magnet will stick, so refrigerator magnets can be transferred to the dishwasher and back.

Often, people keep some spare dishwasher parts handy so they can quickly fix their dishwasher if something breaks. One dishwasher part that commonly breaks is the detergent dispenser, so some people opt to keep this dishwasher accessory readily available. When confronted with a dishwasher that does not drain properly, other people find it handy to have a spare drain hose available for quick replacement. Two other dishwasher accessories that sometimes stop working include the spray arms and dishwasher filter. These accessories are necessary for a dishwasher to function properly, and proper drainage and washing is impossible without them.

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    • Baskets are a common dishwasher accessory.
      By: mitev
      Baskets are a common dishwasher accessory.