How Do I Choose the Best Dishwasher Panels?

Sherry Holetzky

Dishwasher panels can be very handy for easily resurfacing or updating your dishwasher. To get an idea of what is available, check with the manufacturer or dealer, visit home improvement centers, or have a look online to compare panels. It is a good idea to have the dimensions of your dishwasher handy when shopping and to also write down the make, year, and model. Be sure to compare ease of installation, price, shipping if applicable, and availability.

New dishwasher panels can be used to update the look of a dishwasher.
New dishwasher panels can be used to update the look of a dishwasher.

Not only can you purchase dishwasher panels to replace damaged dishwasher covers, but you can also order custom panels to freshen up the look. Perhaps you just want a panel that is easier to clean. Maybe you have updated other appliances, cabinetry, or other décor elements in your kitchen and sprucing up your unit with new dishwasher panels will give your freshly decorated space that finishing touch.

Something else to consider is the possibility of reversible dishwasher panels. Before you begin shopping, make sure your existing dishwasher panels are not already reversible. If your current panel is black, the other side may be a lighter neutral color such as white or almond. If it is currently showing white, the other side may be black. If you do not already have reversible dishwasher panels, consider purchasing this type to save time and money in the future.

Depending on the type of dishwasher you have, you may need to change the side panels as well. For a built-in unit, this may not be necessary, although if any of it is going to show it is best to replace all the panels at the same time. There are panel kits available for other types of appliances as well. It is far more time- and cost-effective to replace these and your dishwasher panels rather than replacing all your appliances.

If you like the stainless steel look, you can find stainless steel covers to instantly give your items a facelift. If you prefer to have your machine blend in with your cabinetry, there are dishwasher panels available in wood grain textures, in a variety of tones and colors. You don’t have to go black, white, wood, or stainless steel. There are other fun styles available as well such as a chalkboard or dry erase board finish.

Some people prefer something a bit more whimsical. Magnetic dishwasher panels are growing in popularity and they allow you to cover your appliance with a number of different prints, landscapes, abstract art, or custom designs. These are easy to install as they are simply a sheet of decorated vinyl with a magnetic backing. Many also offer adhesive strips for use with appliances that won’t work with magnets.

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