What are the Different Types of Bypass Shower Doors?

C.B. Fox
C.B. Fox
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There are many different options when choosing a new shower door, and one of them is a bypass, or sliding door. These doors are made from two panes of glass that run along metal tracks at the top and bottom of the door. Though there are not many structural differences from door to door, there are a number of visual differences. Various types of framing and glass can be integrated into bypass shower doors.

One consideration when looking at bypass shower doors is whether to choose framed or unframed glass. Framed glass comes with metal edging around the sides of the glass panel and has been the standard for many years. The metal frame helps to support and protect the glass. Though this is a common option, both because of its price and its relative ease of installation, the metal frame around the edge of the glass will require additional cleaning, as soap scum and mildew can accumulate in the seam between the glass and the metal.

Unframed, or seamless bypass shower doors are also available and have become a popular option. These doors use thicker panes of glass that do not require a metal frame to support them. Clear unframed glass creates the illusion that the bathroom is larger because they make the space within the shower feel like a part of the bathroom area.

The frame around the glass panels, if they are framed, and the tracks above and below the shower can also be made out of various types of metal in order to match the rest of the bathroom’s décor. Towel drying racks are also a common feature on bypass shower doors. These can be made out of a variety of materials to match the rest of the bathroom.

Aside from the metal components, bypass shower doors can be made from various types of glass. The glass can be tinted with a few different colors or mirrored to add additional privacy. It is also possible to use frosted or textured glass. It is also possible to add a custom design to the glass by etching it.

Most bypass shower doors are designed in a similar fashion. They consist of two glass panels that slide along a track, which keep steam and water in the shower area. Sliding doors offer an advantage over other types of doors in that they do not require additional space in the room when they are opened. One panel is set back a small distance from the other so that the two overlap in one direction or the other when the shower is open.

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    • Woman posing
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