What Are the Different Types of Advertising Labels?

Valerie Goldberg
Valerie Goldberg
Signage and labeling plays an important role in advertising retail sales.
Signage and labeling plays an important role in advertising retail sales.

Businesses use advertising labels to help with brand recognition. Advertising labels help consumers to recognize that a product or a piece of marketing material is from a particular company. There are multiple types of advertising labels, including package labels, mailing labels, promotional sticker labels and pricing labels.

A product packaging label is a type of label that will be placed on the container or casing of an item to be sold. The designs for these types of labels are usually created by a professional graphic designer. Labels on packages are important, because a bad label can stop a consumer from wanting to purchase an item. Optimal product packing labels have prominent wording involving the product or brand name, a clear graphic or picture, inviting colors, and instructions or nutritional information — if appropriate — printed in a readable font. This type of advertising label is usually printed on high-quality stock.

Advertising labels that are intended for use on folders and promotional items can be printed at a more affordable price and may even be made using an in-office printer. These types of labels can be placed on giveaway items for a trade show, postcards and letterheads. This type of label only needs the company name and logo and a call to action, such as the company website address.

Custom return address labels also can work as an advertisement for a business. Having customized labels with a border, logo and the company name on all envelopes that are sent out can help with consumer brand recognition. There are many websites that allow businesses to create their own return address advertising labels online with simple tools. The web company will then mail to the business the number of label sheets desired.

Labels also can be used to price items or discount merchandise. While there are label guns that can print out simple numeric labels with a price, larger advertising labels can be more eye-catching. These labels can be made in different shapes and colors, which can call a consumer's attention to a product that is on sale. A pricing label of a larger size can easily be placed over a package's original product price for a last-minute clearance sale.

Advertising labels have adhesive on the back. These labels can be peeled off of a sheet and placed on a product or piece of paper just like a sticker. No glue or tape is required.

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My local newspaper decided to give everyone in the neighborhood a free paper one day as a sample. They rolled the papers up and sealed each one with a round advertising label that featured their logo, phone number, and address.

The label was neon pink, so it was impossible to overlook. Also, since you had to break the seal to open the paper, you couldn't help but notice it.

I don't know how many subscriptions the paper got out of this project, but I think it was a good idea. Without the advertising label, the readers would have had to search through the paper to find their number and address. Including all that information in an obvious spot made it much easier for people to subscribe, if they wished.


I do my own label printing for my home-based business. A few years ago, friends suggested that I start marketing my homemade chocolate truffles. I came up with a logo and chose fonts to match, and I began printing out sheets of labels to stick on boxes of my chocolates.

I bought some slender rectangular boxes with clear oval windows on top, and I stuck one of my labels on the top half of every window. That way, the customers can still see the actual product, and my label is right where their eyes will go first.

I have managed to get a few local bakeries to stock my products. I have gotten several personal orders from people who got my information from my advertising label, so I know that this is a good way to market myself.


@lighth0se33 – Those photos really draw me in, too. That's why I'm thankful that advertising labels also include the nutritional information on the back. Often, after I read how many calories and how much fat is in the product, I put it back on the shelf.

Every now and then, I will find some type of snack food that looks delicious on the label and actually isn't all that bad for me. I like having the option to view both the photo and the facts before buying something.

Another thing I like to read on the labels is the ingredient list. Companies always list the item with the highest concentration in the product first and the one with the least amount in it last, so I can tell how much sugar and caffeine are in certain things this way.


I have noticed that food labels always feature a photo of the food inside the box or bag. This is helpful, because I like to know what the product looks like before purchasing it.

I can usually tell by the shape of items like cookies whether or not I would like them. If they appear thin and solid, I usually stay away from them. If they have some sort of filling in the center, then the photo will always show one that has been bitten into, so we can see what is inside.

A photo of a small pile of chocolate cookies showing the peanut butter center appeals to me. Good use of photography on an advertising label is essential.

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    • Signage and labeling plays an important role in advertising retail sales.
      Signage and labeling plays an important role in advertising retail sales.