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What are the Different Options for do-It-Yourself Closets?

J.M. Densing
J.M. Densing

There are many different options for do-it-yourself closets, ranging from relatively simple to quite complex. With any of the options, careful measurements and planning are vital for a successful outcome. Simple projects might include installing a new hanging rod or some shelves. Installing a closet organizer could be a medium difficulty undertaking. Installing a custom closet system or building a completely new closet are examples of more complex, labor intensive and time consuming projects.

One of the simpler options for do-it-yourself closets is the installation of a new hanging rod or perhaps an additional one. Careful measurements of the space are needed to do this. The rod must be cut to the correct length; if it's too long, it won't fit and if it's too short, it won't stay up securely. Brackets to hold the rod need to be attached to the closet walls, and then the rod is put in place.

Do-it-yourself closets may features shelves.
Do-it-yourself closets may features shelves.

Another do-it-yourself closets option with similar difficulty is installing closet shelves. The addition of a shelf or two can help maximize the use of space without costing a lot. To install a shelf, brackets must be mounted to the closet wall and then the shelf is securely attached to the brackets. It's important to consider what the shelves will be holding and to select materials that are strong enough.

Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.

Installing a closet organizer is a more challenging option. The organizer will often consist of several different parts and instructions that should be carefully followed. Organizers typically offer a variety of different components for storing different types of items, such as tie racks or shoe cubbies. Components can be purchased individually with many modular systems; some manufacturers sell specific configurations.

One of the most challenging, time consuming do-it-yourself closet options is designing and installing a custom system. This project will often involve completely gutting the existing closet. The new closet system will need to be carefully planned, taking into consideration the kind of items being stored and the amount of space available. With that in mind, it's usually a good idea to draw a diagram of the plan. Then components then need to be selected and properly installed.

The most labor intensive, do-it-yourself closets option would be building a completely new closet. This project includes many of the same tasks as a custom closet system with the addition of constructing the closet walls. This is often done to give a room additional storage space. The closet can be built out into the room or recessed into a wall.

Any do-it-yourself closet project can be installed a lot easier by using a ready made kit. These kits are usually sold at home improvement stores and offer a wide variety of options. Except for tools, they often contain all of the necessary components for completing the project. Although kits aren't as flexible as completely customized do-it-yourself closets, many consumers can probably find one to suit their needs.

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    • Do-it-yourself closets may features shelves.
      By: lulu
      Do-it-yourself closets may features shelves.
    • Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
      By: terex
      Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.