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What Are the Different Methods of Printing QR Codes?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

Quick Response (QR) codes can be printed in a number of different ways, though they are commonly rendered by a computer with a printer. Various mediums may be employed for this, such as fliers, posters, and even small formats like stickers or business cards. Since these images are fairly simple and can be created in just black and white, printing QR codes can even be done by hand as a reproduction of a digital image. This results in the ability for these graphics to be drawn out on a wide range of mediums, and such a code can even be tattooed carefully onto a person.

Printing QR codes is often quite simple, since they are just graphics that typically consist of only black and white. Just about any computer and printer can be used to create them, as long as the device employs modern printing technology rather than older, dot matrix methods. Higher resolutions are typically best when printing QR codes, however, to ensure that lines and shapes in the image are crisp and easy to scan. Many of the programs and websites used to generate these images have an option to quickly send them to a printer, though they can also be printed as images just like any other type.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

A wide range of mediums can be used for printing QR codes, since many different forms can be used in a printer. On posters and fliers, these images are often quite small, while the rest of the space is used for a graphic or text information. Small formats such as business cards are quite common, though printing QR codes should be done at the same time that other elements on the card are generated. Stickers and labels can also be used for this purpose, allowing someone to easily place a code on a package for shipping.

The simple black and white format of these images makes printing QR codes by hand a possibility. They are often pretty complex in shape, however, consisting of numerous lines and squares that need to be represented perfectly to keep the data in it correct. A code can be generated on a computer screen, and then recreated by someone with a pen or marker on a piece of paper. Tattoos can even be employed as a method for printing QR codes, as the image is drawn into the skin of a person; this must be done very carefully, however, to ensure it can still be scanned and read.

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    • Woman holding a disc
      Woman holding a disc