What are the Different Director of Marketing Jobs?

Kasey James

There are many different director of marketing jobs. These jobs can be found in companies that have marketing, sales, or public relations departments. Some of these positions will include an array of various tasks for the hiring company. Some of the positions will have more specific tasks and goals. Director of marketing jobs usually call for a college degree and some previous experience in the marketing field.

A director of marketing may give presentations to company executives.
A director of marketing may give presentations to company executives.

Many director of marketing jobs include managing a team of marketers for a specific company. The job can include creating advertisements, finding media outlets to advertise, and running entire marketing campaigns. The director usually delegates tasks to the marketing employees and will often present the finished marketing campaign to the head of the company.

Internet marketing also has director of marketing jobs. The director of Internet marketing is in charge of the company's website and all the Internet marketing advertisements. The director's main goal is to increase page views and sales from the company's website. In a large company, the Internet marketing director will often work with web designers and other marketers to create online marketing campaigns and perfect the company's website.

Sales and marketing are two parts of a company that are sometimes combined. There are director of marketing jobs that focus on increasing sales and running an active and successful sales team. The director of marketing and sales will increase productivity of the sales team. The director works with the sales employees to come up with better strategies to sell a specific service or product. They are often in charge of hiring and training sales people as well.

Director of marketing jobs are often found in a company's public relations department. The director finds different ways to get the public's attention and advertise the product or service. The director will usually be in charge of a marketing team that puts on events, contests, and other incentives to get the public interested in the product. The director's main goal is to increase sales through unique public promotions.

Most director of marketing jobs will ask for a bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or a related field. It can be helpful to have a master's degree in a related discipline as well. Most people coming right out of college will find entry-level marketing positions, but can work up to a director position. Someone with a few years of marketing experience in a company can apply directly to a job as a director of marketing.

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