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What are the Best Ways to Organize Garage Tools?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

The term "garage tools" can refer to many different types of tools found in the garage. Garden tools, power tools, automobile repair tools, and other specialty tools may fall under this category, as can some types of heavy machinery. The best way to organize garage tools, therefore, will depend on what type of tools one has in the garage. Generally speaking, larger, heavier tools should be on the ground or low enough that one can move the tools easily without having to reach upward. Lighter tools should be stored on shelves, and longer, more cumbersome tools can be lined against the wall or even hung from hooks on the walls.

Laying out the garage tools in a particular garage is a good first step. Larger and heavier tools should be grouped together, and lighter, smaller tools should be put into a separate group. Some tools can fit in drawers or bins; hand tools such as hammers or screwdrivers fall into this category. A tool box is a good way to store these tools together for easy access, and the tool box can be moved and stored easily. If the garage owner has a significant amount of hand tools, a large tool box mounted on casters is a good choice for storage and access.

Power wrenches are examples of tools that could be rented out.
Power wrenches are examples of tools that could be rented out.

Garage tools that are much heavier or bulkier may include drill presses, chop saws, lathes, and other large power tools. It helps to secure these types of tools in a permanent spot where they can be accessed easily and will not need to be moved regularly. One should think about how often such tools are used, and how much space is required to use the tools, then move the tools into specific positions within the garage to accommodate their regular function.

Hammers may be stored in drawers or toolboxes.
Hammers may be stored in drawers or toolboxes.

Smaller power tools such as circular saws and drills are light enough to be stored on a shelf, but heavy enough that storing these garage tools too high up on a shelf could pose a risk of injury. Try to store these tools on a low shelf, perhaps under a work bench or on a shelf at chest height to ensure easy access and safe storage. Storing them on a concrete floor is not the best idea, as moisture is likely to get into the tools and allow rusting of key components of the tools.

Hanging pegboard over a work bench or along one wall of the garage will allow the owner to access small to medium garage tools that are used regularly. Wrenches, screwdrivers, and even hand saws can be hung from pegs that fit into the pegboard, making this method an easy and space-saving way to store commonly used tools.

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@rundocuri- Thank you for the tip. This gives me an idea for my old kitchen cabinets. I am remodeling my kitchen next year, and I think it will be a good idea to use some of my old cabinets to organize my garage. It sounds like a great way to organize and modernize the house all in one project!


A good tip for anyone who wants to organize his garage but doesn't want to spend too much money is to invest in some cheap cabinets. The key to keeping the garage clutter-free is to mount them on the wall. This will provide a great, inexpensive garage organizer for hand tools, garden items, and garage supplies.

For tall items like brooms, rakes, and shovels, a tall corner cabinet is a great addition for organizing the garage. A small, thin one will work perfectly. However, for people who want to also organize tools like trimmers and weed whackers, a wider cabinet will be necessary to fit all of these garage tools.

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    • Power wrenches are examples of tools that could be rented out.
      By: Konstantin Kulikov
      Power wrenches are examples of tools that could be rented out.
    • Hammers may be stored in drawers or toolboxes.
      By: donatas1205
      Hammers may be stored in drawers or toolboxes.