What are the Different Options for Garage Shelving?

Dan Cavallari

The garage is one of the most easily cluttered spaces in the home because so many different household items end up getting stored there. Children's toys, tools, automotive items, paints, bicycles, and countless other objects often make their way to the garage, and garage shelving becomes necessary to organize the clutter. Different garage shelving options exist for different types of garages, and most can be purchased at a local hardware store. From simple wire shelves to heavy-duty steel shelves, the choices available for garage shelving should be enough for any type of garage and homeowner. Before purchasing, start by determining what will be stored in the garage and how heavy-duty the shelves need to be.

A method for maintaining order and keeping things clean in the garage is to have garage cabinets or shelves.
A method for maintaining order and keeping things clean in the garage is to have garage cabinets or shelves.

Heavier power tools will need a strong shelf that can hold sufficient amounts of weight. Heavy-duty steel shelves are the best choice for such an application. These shelving units are very often adjustable so shelves can be staggered at different heights. Heavier tools should be placed on the bottom shelf, while lighter and seldom-used tools should be placed on higher shelves. These garage shelving units are often large and heavy, so be sure to analyze the space requirements before purchasing.

For lighter objects like children's toys, spray cans, or even cans of paint, wire garage shelving units should suffice. These are generally quite lightweight and inexpensive, so they can be easily moved or replaced should they break. Shorter wire shelves can even be placed on top of a workbench for added storage and space savings.

Wooden garage shelving units often end up being more permanent structures because they tend to be heavier and more cumbersome. These units can hold a significant amount of weight if built correctly, though they are most susceptible to damage from moisture in the air or floors. Pressure-treated wooden garage shelving will last longer than untreated shelves. Before building wooden shelves, it is important to carefully plan how much space the shelves will take up so cars or other vehicles will still fit in the garage.

Plastic bins can be stacked in a corner of the garage to act as shelving units. These are ideal for small items such as screws and nails, string and rope, rags, or any other small item that should be isolated for organization. Many plastic bins interlock with each other, and they often feature slide-out drawers that make accessibility to items even easier. These types of bins cannot hold a significant amount of weight, however, so heavier items will need a different storage location.

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