What Are the Best Tips for Selling Jewelry Online?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Selling jewelry online can be difficult because people usually like to try on and touch jewelry before they make a purchase. Additionally, reaching customers can be difficult without an established base of interested buyers. Selling craft items is different than selling used jewelry, so it is important to think about the best way to sell each individual piece. Some tips that can make selling jewelry online easier include presenting the items well, using effective advertising language, and finding the right market.

A copper bracelet.
A copper bracelet.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selling jewelry online is that customers need to have an experience of the jewelry in order to desire it. This is usually accomplished through images, but text can also play an important role in jewelry sales. Descriptions of the item do not need to cover information that is already apparent from pictures, but the text used to advertise the piece should details its size and any important measurable dimensions. Additionally, if the object has any special significance, such as a meaningful stone, this should be identified as well.

Beautiful photographs of jewelry can also help customers build an accurate picture of the piece. Many jewelry items sparkle or have unique textures that are apparent when looking directly at the piece but that cannot easily be represented by photography. One solution is to use video, but another is to artfully capture the jewelry's best features using appropriate lighting and backgrounds. This may take practice, but looking at other jewelry listings online can help to identify which strategies are the most likely to be successful.

Reaching customers is problematic whether the jewelry is used or new, as not all customers know what they are looking for and may be inclined to browse. While many websites charge fees for use, selling jewelry online can be a lot easier on an established retail site. These websites have devoted customers and the power of a recognizable brand, which helps connect buyers to sellers. On the other hand, if a jewelry designer has a well-known name that draws customers directly to his or her own site, it may be more economical to set up a shop there.

The ways in which customers find products they wish to buy online is sometimes very different from the methods they might use in stores. Many potential purchases are found using keywords, such as terms for colors, art movements, or designers. Selling jewelry online requires sellers to think about which keywords are most important to the particular pieces. Properly categorizing the jewelry can also increase the chances of a buyer who is browsing finding the item.

One final step a jewelry seller can take is to establish a good business record. People are often nervous about buying expensive items online because they may wish to return those items. Unscrupulous people also often make false listings and steal people’s money. Having good reviews from customers, a clear return policy, and a record of delivering products can help alleviate these barriers to purchases.

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That is a good idea Rundocuri. It also helps to include detailed information with each piece of jewelry you are trying to sell. This will help those interested to know what they are buying.


If you are selling jewelry online that is made of real metals and authentic gemstones, it is also important to get appraisals before you list them for sale. You will know the exact value which will help you set your price. Having this information in writing will protect you and the buyer.

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    • Earrings.
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    • A copper bracelet.
      By: Bookworm32
      A copper bracelet.