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What are the Best Tips for Reiki Self Healing?

Henry Gaudet
Henry Gaudet

Advocates of reiki self healing state that it can help people to treat illness, aches and pains as well as to reduce stress, control cravings, restore calm and increase energy. Many people recommend reiki self healing exercises as a great method to gain these benefits. One of the best tips for reiki self healing is for the person to take time to perform these exercises slowly and in a relaxed, effortless manner. Visualizing energy flowing through the target areas helps improve relaxation and awareness of the body.

One should choose a suitable time and place for reiki self healing. A portion of the day should be set aside — an hour if it’s available, but at least 15 minutes, for self-healing sessions. Morning sessions might help to invigorate and energize, and evening reiki can help one to unwind. Distractions should be minimized, and time should be taken to focus entirely on the techniques and on one's body. A quiet space and a comfortable seat are essential.

Reiki self healing begins with meditation.
Reiki self healing begins with meditation.

Reiki self healing begins with meditation. One's mind should be clear, allowing stray thoughts to pass without drawing attention. The focus should be on breathing, inhaling through the nose, holding, then slowly releasing the breath through the nose as well.

Hand positions help one to focus attention on various parts of the body. Reiki centers on unblocking the flow of energy in specific centers, or chakras, places where tension is acutely felt, but one should feel free to focus efforts on any portion of the body that might need attention. One should visualize the flow of energy in his or her body, passing through each of the chakras to nourish the entire body.

Unlike massage techniques, reiki self healing requires only a light touch. As the hands are placed on each of the chakras, the touch should be relaxed, effortless and feather light. The placement of the hands primarily focuses attention and helps one to visualize the flow of energy.

Although one might feel some benefit from single sessions, practitioners state that reiki self healing works best as a daily routine. By taking time every day to perform these exercises, one can reduce stress and help the body’s natural ability to resist illness. Even when the schedule does not allow a full reiki session, a few minutes spent on abbreviated exercises will help one to maintain these benefits.

Many experts are quick to point out that, although reiki self healing can produce health benefits, it works best as a complementary technique rather than as a substitute for traditional medicine. Reiki has proved useful for countless people diagnosed with all sorts of medical conditions, sometimes controlling symptoms or managing pain, but it is not recommended that patients abandon treatments such as prescription medication or surgical procedures. This is especially true for people who have been diagnosed with serious or life-threatening conditions.

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    • Reiki self healing begins with meditation.
      By: petarpaunchev
      Reiki self healing begins with meditation.