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What Are the Best Tips for Making Bunny Cupcakes?

Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop

Bunny cupcakes can become edible decorations at an Easter celebration, birthday party, or a whimsical tea party. These small, themed pastries generally feature rabbit features, like ears, whiskers, and small dots for the nose and eyes. When decorating bunny cupcakes, cooks should prepare as much as they can ahead of time. A few more tips include allotting enough time to prepare all of the cupcakes, and creating an assembly line to make the work go a little faster.

The first tip for creating bunny cupcakes is preparation. One of the most time-consuming decorations to make is usually the ears. To make them, the baker can cut large, white marshmallows in half horizontally to create two disks. Cutting one of these disks in half vertically then creates two bunny ears for each cupcake. Dipping one side of each disk half in water, and then in pink sugar or sprinkles, completes each ear.

Two young boys
Two young boys

Laying the bunny ears out on wax paper in pairs usually makes it very easy for the baker to later simply press them into the frosting on top of each bunny cupcake. To be really prepared, the baker can place three round, colored candies and up to six pieces of shredded coconut, or a 1 inch (2 cm) long section of string candy, with each pair of ears. This way, all the pieces needed for each bunny face are in the same place. Candy buttons, cinnamon candies, and candy-coated chocolate pieces all work well for eyes and noses.

Bakers should always allot plenty of time to make bunny cupcakes from start to finish. A dozen cupcakes may only take an hour or two, especially with proper prep work, but more cupcakes will take more time. Busy bakers without an entire day to devote to their bunny cupcakes can break up the work over several evenings. One evening may be dedicated to baking the cupcakes, while a second evening involves frosting them. The third evening may be reserved for adding the bunny faces.

The last tip for creating bunny cupcakes involves setting up an assembly line. Typically, adding one detail at a time to all of the cupcakes goes faster than assembling each entire cupcake individually. For instance, bakers might frost all of the cupcakes, then add the marshmallow bunny ears to each one. After these are in place, the baker might add a face to each cupcake, and then go back through and add the coconut or candy whiskers. This can also ensure that each bunny has a complete face and that the baker doesn’t skip any details.

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    • Two young boys
      Two young boys