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What Are White Chocolate Cupcakes?

Marissa Meyer
Marissa Meyer

The smooth, creamy texture and sweet taste of white chocolate make it an ingredient that is commonly used to enhance cupcakes. White chocolate chips can be added to the cupcake batter or melted and combined with other ingredients, such as cream cheese, to make filling or icing. Some flavors that complement white chocolate include vanilla, raspberry, strawberry and lemon. These are sometimes incorporated into recipes for white chocolate cupcakes, creating a dessert that is complex and flavorful.

Vanilla cupcakes most often serve as the base for frosting that is infused with white chocolate. The cake batter can be white or yellow and typically is flavored with vanilla extract. Some recipes call for milk or dark chocolate cupcakes, which can enhance the flavor of white chocolate, although the visual appearance is not always as desirable as the white-on-white look. Small white chocolate chips or chunks can be added to the cake batter, either melted down or left intact. White chocolate can be melted in a double boiler or through several 15-second sessions in a microwave set at 80 percent power.

Many bakers use decorated white chocolate cupcakes to celebrate holidays and events.
Many bakers use decorated white chocolate cupcakes to celebrate holidays and events.

Although white chocolate might not always be used to create the cake portion of white chocolate cupcakes, white chocolate chips usually are melted into the filling or icing that is used to flavor the cupcakes. The melted chocolate is mixed with ingredients such as cream cheese, sugar, butter, vanilla and milk to create a basic icing. Additional flavorings such as lemon juice, berry preserves or flavored extracts can be used for increased complexity. The icing usually is spread on top of the cupcakes after they have baked and cooled. Sometimes, a white chocolate filling can be inserted into the cupcakes using a pastry bag.

Many bakers add garnish to white chocolate cupcakes after allowing them to cool and frosting them. Ingredients that can be used for garnish include fresh raspberries, strawberry slices, white chocolate chips or small lemon twists. Other baking staples such as sprinkles and whipped cream can add extra flavor to the cupcakes. Piping bags can be used to give the icing and garnish a polished, intricate appearance.

White chocolate cupcakes can be served as a dessert or snack. Many bakers use decorated white chocolate cupcakes to celebrate holidays and events. The color of the white chocolate is appropriate for winter holiday parties. White chocolate cupcakes are often used in Valentine's Day celebrations when combined with red ingredients such as strawberries. Cupcakes that are made with white chocolate and lemon are a light dessert that is ideal for summer.

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Discussion Comments


In relation to the first paragraph, does white chocolate remind anyone else of vanilla? Even though the chocolate is plain (just like vanilla), it basically serves as a base for other ingredients to be added, thereby increasing the variety. In the case of vanilla, it includes an assortment, such as cookies and chocolate syrup. Lastly, as we can see from the article, lemon, raspberry and strawberry are only a few flavors that are used to enhance white chocolate.


The funny thing about the article (and its topic) is that while I'm not a big fan of chocolate, I'll admit that's only the case when it's plain, such as eating a generic candy bar. However, I have always liked chocolate flavored confections and desserts, and this is certainly no exception. Whether it's white chocolate or "plain" chocolate, I feel that everyone should try both. Although it does seem like white chocolate is less popular than the plain type, especially when used in candy bars. I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I've never heard of white chocolate candy bars. Sure, they do have Cookies & Cream, but that's more processed than anything else.


In my opinion, I find that cupcakes go very well with the party atmosphere. Not only are parties filled with numerous people, but due to the variety that cupcakes have, it's something that can appeal to everyone. Adding onto this, whenever I host a large party and serve cupcakes, instead of having them already prepared, I start off with plain cupcakes, and buy many kinds of frosting. That way, when the people arrive, they can choose the kind of frosting they want, and there isn't any complaining.

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    • Many bakers use decorated white chocolate cupcakes to celebrate holidays and events.
      By: .shock
      Many bakers use decorated white chocolate cupcakes to celebrate holidays and events.