What are the Best Tips for Making a Knitted Shawl?

Marisa O'Connor

The best tips for making a knitted shawl differ depending on the level of experience and the amount of work someone is willing to put into the shawl. The first tip for any knitting project is, of course, to learn to knit. Look at designs online or at a yarn and fabric store for a great starting point for the final project design. Consider who will be wearing the shawl when choosing the color and texture of the yarn, and if you are inexperienced, it may be a good idea to practice on a smaller, doll-sized version of the project to get a feel for knitting a shawl. Finally, make sure to take time and care when knitting to ensure the best quality final project.

Knitting needles and yarn.
Knitting needles and yarn.

The first requirement to make a knitted shawl is learning how to knit. Learning how to knit is quite easy and involves learning some basic knitting moves and plenty of practice. A great way to learn how to knit is by joining a knitting group or taking a class. This way, there are plenty of other experienced knitters around to give advice or catch mistakes. Catching mistakes early on in a knitting project can save a lot of headache, because making corrections usually requires undoing any work since the mistake was made. There are also plenty of resources online to teach anyone to knit if making it out to a group or class is not doable.

Choose a color and pattern that the person wearing the shawl will like.
Choose a color and pattern that the person wearing the shawl will like.

The next step is to find the design of the knitted shawl. A great starting point is online or at a yarn or fabric store. There are hundreds of designs to sift through between these two resources. Once the design is chosen, it can be adjusted as much or as little as desired.

Finding good-quality yarn can make or break a knitted shawl project. Consider the taste of the person who will eventually wear the shawl when choosing the yarn. Using a knitter's own taste is always recommended if the future owner is unknown, such as when the shawl is going to be sold. Color and texture are important to take into account when picking yarn for a knitting project.

A knitted shawl is a fairly simple project, and so it is suited for a beginner-level project. It may be a good idea, however, to knit a doll-sized shawl first, particularly if this is a first project. This can help a new knitter become more confident and get a better feel for the bigger project.

The quality of the final project will largely be determined by the amount of time and care put into it. A shawl is one of the simpler and quicker knitting projects out there, but it is still time consuming and can cause impatience. A rushed project, no matter what the experience level, is going to come out with mistakes. It is easy to think that hurrying a project such as this saves time, but in the long run it is usually better to take a break when impatient feelings begin to surface. Coming back to the project with fresh eyes and a fresh mind will almost always produce a better final project.

A shawl can be knitted using even the most basic stitches.
A shawl can be knitted using even the most basic stitches.

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