What Are the Best Tips for Making a DIY Barbecue Grill?

Lori Kilchermann

Some of the best tips for a do-it-yourself (DIY) barbecue grill are intended to aid in properly and efficiently cooking the food. Tips regarding the basic construction of the DIY barbecue grill and the best way to vent the smoke are all good pointers for the backyard builder. As with many DIY designs, the DIY barbecue grill often does not use elaborate construction methods. Most of the best tips pertaining to a DIY barbecue grill are focused on internal design and less on the external appearance of the grill. Using only firebrick in the heating chamber is one tip that can make the difference between a run-of-the-mill grill and an even-cooking and an easy-to-use backyard grill.

When building a barbecue, the initial decision should be whether it will be a temporary or a permanent structure.
When building a barbecue, the initial decision should be whether it will be a temporary or a permanent structure.

One of the best tips for making a nice DIY barbecue grill is to begin with a level surface. By grading the ground level, the building of the grill will be easier to keep square and plumb. Another tip that is especially helpful in colder climates is to use deeply rooted footings under the platform of the DIY barbecue grill. This will prevent cracking and breaking of the bricks and mortar due to frost and freeze settling. To create a grill that will last for many years, one tip is to begin by building the grill out of cement blocks and then covering the entire grill in brick.

When designing a home or building from brick, the first step is to complete the assembly of the structure from cement block. This gives greater strength to the structure as compared to simply assembling a wall or structure from brick alone. This same building principle should be applied to the design and construction of a backyard grill. Other tips are directed toward the placement of the fire box in relation to the grilling grates.

The best DIY barbecue grill design will place the fire to the side or to the rear of the grilling grates. This will eliminate burning and make proper slow cooking and smoke flavoring possible. Other tips, such as using firebrick in the fire box, will make certain that the brick does not crack and break prematurely from the high heat of a barbecue fire. Firebrick also retains heat and will enable the grill to cook and warm even after the fire has gone out. Another useful tip for building a DIY barbecue grill includes making sure to not build the grill under overhead wires, overhanging tree limbs or other fire hazards.

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If you want to make some barbecue with that authentic grilled flavor but you don't have a grill, here is a simple way to make a quick DIY grill.

All you have to do is take several bricks and your oven rack. Place the rack over the bricks, and you can grill outdoors without the need to buy an expensive grill.


If you are going to build a DIY grill in your backyard or while you are camping, you should always be careful to avoid dried grass. Since it is highly flammable, you run the risk of starting a fire if you build your barbecue grill too close to it.

To be on the safe side, remove any brown and dried grass, weeds, and sticks from the area where you plan to place your grill. Pile some dirt around it to help keep the fire contained while you use your DIY grill.

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