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What are the Best Tips for Hot Tub Installation?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Hot tub installation can be a challenging process, so it is best to be prepared for the challenges ahead of time. The best tip for hot tub installation is to research the base requirements as well as the electrical requirements before beginning installation, and to make sure the tub will fit in the space chosen. Hot tubs are extremely heavy and cumbersome, so before hot tub installation, one should be sure he or she can move the tub into place; if help is needed, the tub can be professionally delivered and/or installed, or to have enough people around to help out.

One should be sure his or her house is wired for the hot tub before hot tub installation occurs. Most full sized tubs are 240 volt models, and some older houses may need special wiring done to meet the requirements. Wiring should be done by a trained professional; this step is perhaps one of the only steps in installation that a typical homeowner cannot do on his or her own. Once the proper wiring is in place, the base must be constructed for the tub.

Electrical requirements are important to research prior to installing a hot tub.
Electrical requirements are important to research prior to installing a hot tub.

Hot tub installation must take place on a solid base. The most common bases are concrete slabs, wooden decks, or spa pads. A concrete slab will take a significant amount of time and preparation to install, so one should be sure to account for this before installing the tub. The slab must harden completely before the weight of the tub is placed upon it; if poured properly, the concrete slab is by far the most durable base. A wooden deck must have appropriate supports underneath it before hot tub installation. Posts secured in concrete footings must be present under the location of the hot tub. Spa pads are removable, modular pads made from composite materials that are easy to install. They can also help prevent heat loss underneath the tub, but they are not a permanent structure like a concrete slab.

If hot tub installation is taking place indoors, ventilation will become an issue. One should be sure to include a ventilation system in the installation plans to prevent mold and steam build-up. The materials surrounding the tub should be resistant to mold and mildew, and if wood is used, it should be treated to resist rot and buckling. One should also be sure to note what is on the floor beneath the hot tub should a leak in the tub occur.

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@Laotionne - The short answer to your question is yes. Relative to other appliances and electrical devices in your house, hot tubs do cost a lot to operate. I have a friend whose electricity bill almost doubles during the months when he uses his hot tub regularly. Of course, he has a wife and three teenage children who also use the tub, so this makes for many more uses than a single person would have.

There are some hot tubs that are more energy efficient. However, these are generally more expensive, so you would need to decide which option would actually save you money. You might also want to consider a hot tub that uses wood to heat the water. This could be a way to save a bit.


In this article it talks about the power needed for a hot tub and how you need a professional to do the wiring and hot tub electrical installation for you. This makes me wonder about the energy efficiency of the tubs. Are hot tubs expensive to operate?


One of the couple's we know installed a hot tub in their bathroom. They thought they would get more use out of the tub in the bathroom rather than on the deck outside, which is where they planned to put the hot tub initially. They actually enlarged their master bathroom to make more space for the hot tub.

The couple liked the hot tub in the bathroom and used it often in the beginning. Then, as mentioned in this article, they began to see all of the moisture issues that a hot tub can cause in a house. Their bathroom was not set up to handle all of the extra moisture from the hot tub. After a couple of years they removed the hot tub because of all the mold and mildew and other problems they were having.

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    • Electrical requirements are important to research prior to installing a hot tub.
      By: emf_images
      Electrical requirements are important to research prior to installing a hot tub.