What are the Best Tips for Growing a Wildflower Garden?

Susan Grindstaff
Susan Grindstaff

Probably the most important factor to consider when planting a wildflower garden is compatibility of the wildflowers and the intended climate and environment. For instance, wildflowers that grow in the northernmost part of the United States would not typically be the same kinds of wildflowers that grow in the south. Another important consideration is to be sure that the amount of space available for a wildflower garden is sufficient, as many species of wildflowers need plenty of room to grow. Maintenance is an important factor when choosing the types of wildflowers for the garden, as some varieties spread very quickly and could become a nuisance to other parts of the yard or garden.

Gardening tools.
Gardening tools.

It is probably a good idea to get a full understanding of the type of wildflowers that thrive in the region for which the wildflower garden is intended. This can typically be accomplished by taking a walk through a wooded area or meadow, then taking note of the type of flowers growing in those areas. Many wildflowers are very adaptable, but starting the garden with good native growth is a good idea.

Ferns can provide a nice, green backdrop to a wildflower garden.
Ferns can provide a nice, green backdrop to a wildflower garden.

Wildflower gardens can be planted just about anywhere. Many homeowners use beds of wildflowers to edge their property or to border other types of gardens. Small wallflower gardens can be grown in window boxes or even indoors in pots. Wildflower gardens are often planted by regional highway departments in an effort to beautify road medians. Unlike many other types of flowering plants, wildflowers are typically very hardy and require very little attention.

There are many different ways to approach the actual design of a wildflower garden. For a garden with a forest theme, it would be a good idea to incorporate small trees and shrubs. In addition, ferns and other green vegetation should provide a nice backdrop for the flowering plants. In creating a garden that mimics the beauty of a tranquil meadow, most landscapers choose low blooming flowers, such as daisies, pansies, and bluebells. Many landscape designers recommend starting a meadow-inspired wildflower garden in an area already abundant with grass.

Wildflower gardens have gained a great deal of popularity, and pre-seeded kits are available at most nurseries or home improvement centers. Most gardening centers are regional, and they likely stock kits compatible with their sales territories. People who are purchasing pre-seeded kits, but are unsure if the kits are suitable for a specific zone, should inquire before buying. Most garden centers have trained professionals who can usually offer good advice.

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One thing I usually do when making my garden plans for the following year, is always allow room for some wildflowers. Many times they will self seed and you will get some volunteer plants most years, but I like to also gather the seeds myself.

In the fall it is very easy to gather seeds when the flowers have finished blooming and are dry. Once the seeds have dried I just store them in a bag over the winter and sow them once the danger of frost is past in the spring.

Every year I look forward to the assortment of wildflowers that will bloom and grow. It is often a surprise which ones will bloom where and what color they will be.


I think the pre-seeded kits are a great way to get started with some wildflowers. One thing to remember when planting a wildflower mix like this, is that you need to give the seeds time to germinate, and for awhile, it might be hard to determine which ones are wild flowers and which ones are weeds.

One thing I have done once I have prepared the place where I am going to plant my wildflowers is spray the area with a weed killer and wait about a week before sowing the wildflowers. This gives you a head start on weed control while your flowers are germinating and beginning to grow.

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    • Gardening tools.
      Gardening tools.
    • Ferns can provide a nice, green backdrop to a wildflower garden.
      Ferns can provide a nice, green backdrop to a wildflower garden.