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What Are the Best Tips for Creating a Loft Lounge?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Creating a loft lounge may be a fairly simple task if the space is already finished with walls, heating, and other amenities; the process may be a bit more involved if no such amenities exist. The first step in creating a loft lounge is measuring the loft space, including the height of the room in various locations. This will dictate what kind of furniture can be placed in the space as well as what layout may work best in that area. Some lofts, for example, will have slanted walls because of the ceiling on the outside of the building. This may restrict some types of furniture from being used in the space.

Think carefully about how the loft lounge will be used and by whom. This area is meant to be a comfortable space for relaxing, but the idea of comfort will vary from person to person. If children will be using the space frequently, for example, it is best to choose durable furniture as well as brighter colors for walls, furniture, and other furnishings. If the loft lounge will be used by adults only, more subdued colors may be suitable, and higher end furniture may be preferred.

Floor lamps can be a useful light source when creating a loft lounge.
Floor lamps can be a useful light source when creating a loft lounge.

Some larger loft lounge rooms can be used for entertaining guests. If this is the case, it may be a good idea to consider accessories or features that will make entertaining easier or more fun. A built-in bar, for example, is useful for making drinks and serving them. An entertainment center may be suitable for watching television or movies. Reclining chairs will complete the home theater set up by providing exceptional comfort to guests. These features, of course, can only be included if the loft space is large enough to accommodate them.

Some loft spaces will not feature windows, which means there may not be a lot of available natural light. This means installing lighting will be an important part of creating a comfortable loft lounge. Remember that lighting can take up space in the room as well, so try to choose lighting options that will not clutter the space. Track lighting is often a good choice because it can be mounted in the higher parts of the ceiling while still providing bright and even light throughout the space. Floor lamps will take up more space, but they may be useful depending on how much overhead space is available. Table lamps will take up more space because they must be placed on tables throughout the room.

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    • Floor lamps can be a useful light source when creating a loft lounge.
      By: venusangel
      Floor lamps can be a useful light source when creating a loft lounge.