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What are the Best Tips for Chair Rental?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Chair rental can be an easy process if the person renting the chairs is prepared and realistic about the process. Chair rental is usually a small part of an event organization process, but it is also an important one, so some care should be taken when choosing what type of chairs to rent, how many chairs will be necessary, and whether those chairs will need covers. The cost of chair rental will rise with the number and type of chairs, though inexpensive steps can be taken to make less expensive chairs look presentable. Most importantly, the renter should realize that transporting large numbers of chairs can be difficult, so a plan must be put in place to get the chairs where they need to go.

One chair is not heavy, but dozens of chairs, or even hundreds, can be quite heavy and difficult to move. A truck will more than likely be necessary before and after chair rental; one way to take care of this problem is to ask the rental company if they deliver. Most companies will, though they will probably charge an extra fee. For most people, this extra fee is well worth the cost, as transporting a large amount of chairs can take time and energy, as well as a large truck. If the renter has access to a large truck and extra time to set them up and tear them down, he or she can save money by forgoing the delivery charge and doing the process on his or her own. This will take some effort, however, usually more effort than the renter realizes.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Choose the right chairs for the right occasion. Chair rental is commonly done for weddings and other large events, and most rental companies have a variety of chair styles to suit the occasion. White wooden chairs tend to be more expensive than simple aluminum folding chairs, however, so consider the budget before renting. If the wood chairs are too expensive, one can always consider renting less expensive aluminum folding chairs and covering them with fabric chair covers or other materials. Dressing the chairs up slightly can enhance the aesthetic without driving up the cost too significantly.

Be sure to rent more chairs than one might think necessary. Having a few extra chairs on hand will come in handy if a chair breaks, unexpected guests show up, or other issues arise that require an extra chair or two. It is better to have too many chairs than not enough chairs, and adding a few chairs onto the chair rental order usually does not add too much to the price.

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When I worked as a banquet houseman for a major hotel chain, we were trained to set up the tables and chairs according to their ultimate function. If food was being served, we would arrange six chairs around each round table. If the event only involved beverages, or no refreshments at all, then we would put 8 chairs at each table.

This is something a person might want to keep in mind with table and chair rentals. Dinners can require a different number of chairs and tables than business meetings or receptions.


One thing I would suggest is to inspect the rental chairs once they arrive at the venue. Some chairs could be damaged in transit, while others may be in unsafe condition from the start. If an event requires a specific number of chairs, then be sure to order a few extras to replace any damaged ones. There may be some liability issues if someone is injured by a defective rental chair.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip