How do I Choose the Best Table and Chair Covers?

Angela Crout-Mitchell
Angela Crout-Mitchell
A formal reception calls for elegant, high-quality linens.
A formal reception calls for elegant, high-quality linens.

There are several decisions to make when choosing table and chair covers for a special event or for use at home, including the cover material, color and patterns, and product durability. Rental linens are often used for wedding receptions, graduation parties, anniversary events, and any type of event where matching, well-maintained linens are necessary for elegance and function and may also be purchased for use in the home's formal dining room. It is not uncommon for business convention and banquet planners to utilize this type of service as well. Most rental agencies and home good stores can offer a huge selection of table and chair covers ideal for any setting.

It is not uncommon for many people to think of linen fabric when considering table and chair covers, but there are several fabric options offered for these accessories. In addition to linen, these items are also available in silk, cotton, and cotton-polyester blends. Fabric covers are best suited for formal events such as business luncheons, wedding receptions, and for use in formal dining rooms. Light and simple cotton or cotton blend table and chair covers are well suited for casual dining rooms or to accent the kitchen table and chair set. Some clients choose paper or plastic coverings for casual events, as these items are less expensive and may be thrown away after use.

Another consideration when choosing table and chair covers are the color and pattern design desired. Most rental businesses, along with home goods stores, can provide just about any color scheme requested by their clients. It is not unusual for people to choose neutral or white linens for business events, while colorful covers are used for private party settings like class reunions and wedding receptions, as well as to match a home dining room's decor. Unadorned fabric is often chosen, though some people choose designed fabrics, such as brocade, for table and chair covers. The choices offered are often available for viewing in a portfolio or catalog book or in the store.

Durability is also a consideration when choosing the most appropriate table and chair covers for a home or special occasion. While silk looks beautiful and adds elegance to the dining room, there are several other choices that offer greater durability and have easier maintenance requirements. Linen, cotton, and cotton polyester blends are often chosen by professional interior decorators for their durability. These fabrics are often available with a stain resistant treatment option to further enhance their appeal.

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    • A formal reception calls for elegant, high-quality linens.
      By: Andre van der Veen
      A formal reception calls for elegant, high-quality linens.