What Are the Best Tips for Buying a New Accordion?

Dee Jones

There are many things a person should keep in mind when buying a new accordion. First, an aspiring accordion player should consider what type of music he will be playing, and which type of accordion is best suited to that musical style. Secondly, he will have to think about how he will go about learning to play the instrument, and whether or he will be able to find an instructor in his area that specializes in the specific type of accordion he wants to learn how to play. Finally, he will have to do some simple research to determine which accordions are considered the best in his price range.

The chromatic button accordion is ideally suited for playing classical music.
The chromatic button accordion is ideally suited for playing classical music.

Buying a new accordion can be a challenge because there are so many different types of accordions to choose from. For someone who doesn’t have much experience with these musical instruments, the thought of trying to determine which type will best fit his needs can be overwhelming. One way to make the choice a little easier is for the aspiring accordion player to decide what type of music he will want to play. Someone who is interested in playing jazz or rock music should consider buying a piano accordion. On the other hand, someone who is more interested in playing classical music might find that a chromatic accordion is the best choice.

Another thing an aspiring accordion player should consider before buying a new accordion is how he will learn to use it. Accordions aren’t as common as some other musical instruments, and finding someone who gives accordion lessons can be more difficult than finding a piano teacher or guitar instructor. Before buying a particular type of accordion, the aspiring musician should find out whether there is anyone in his area who will be able to teach him how to play it. He might find that, while he wants to learn to play the diatonic accordion, the only teacher less than an hour’s drive away specializes in teaching the concertina. If he is still determined to learn to play the diatonic accordion, he will have to consider alternative methods of learning to play his instrument.

It is possible to find a quality new accordion in almost any price range. For those who don’t have much experience with accordions, however, being able to tell a good one from a bad one isn’t easy. Ideally, someone interested in buying a new accordion should try to get advice about what he should look for from an experienced accordion player. Doing some simple research is a good way to determine which brands, makes, and models are considered the best, especially for beginners.

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