What Are Glass Cubicles?

T. M. Robertson
T. M. Robertson
Glass cubicles can be used in the showers of fitness facilities.
Glass cubicles can be used in the showers of fitness facilities.

Glass cubicles are partitions made of glass that are used to separate different sections of a room for a primary purpose. They can be used in a different ways, such as in barriers surrounding individual work stations within an office, changing rooms in retail stores, or in shower and changing rooms at fitness facilities. The glass itself can range from completely transparent to entirely opaque, depending on the desire for privacy. In addition, the glass can also be made in varying degrees of thickness, use different textures, accommodate company logos or other inlays, and be tinted in different colors. Using glass cubicles has both functional and aesthetic appeal for various different situations and environments.

In offices, glass cubicles serve many different functions. First, they offer a sound barrier, which helps increase work productivity by eliminating, or at least lessening, noise distractions. By using a type of frosted or opaque glass, one can achieve a certain level of privacy for each work station. For businesses that want to be able to keep an eye on what their employees are doing at all times, using clear or transparent glass may be a good solution. Using glass cubicles in an office environment also helps increase the overall appearance of the office by making it look stylish and organized in a professional way.

Gyms and other fitness facilities often use glass cubicles for their showers and changing rooms. The glass used can be made opaque for complete privacy or semi-opaque or frosted for a partial level of privacy. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, professional facilities like to use glass cubicles versus the more traditional shower stalls with curtains because they are easy to clean and maintain, along with being extremely durable and long-lasting. Retail stores sometimes use similar glass cubicles as their changing rooms for the same reasons. Another benefit for these types of businesses is that glass cubicles can be free-standing structures and don't require additional walls to be built.

The glass used to make the cubicles can be made with varying degrees of thickness, etched with designs and textures, and made with fabric inlays or colors. Textured glass is often created by sand-blasting or etching the glass. Sandblasted glass creates different levels of opaqueness or even a frosted and completely private effect. The glass can also be tinted a particular color to add to the overall theme of a room or have inlays, such as company logos or other patterns and designs, placed between two sheets, for professional appeal.

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    • Glass cubicles can be used in the showers of fitness facilities.
      Glass cubicles can be used in the showers of fitness facilities.