What are Curriculum Vitae Writing Services?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella
In the U.S. and Canada, a CV is usually called a resume.
In the U.S. and Canada, a CV is usually called a resume.

Job seekers use curriculum vitae writing services to prepare a document known as a curriculum vitae that contains a summary of their employment history and academic qualifications. The term is commonly used in the United Kingdom and nations that form the British Commonwealth. In the United States and Canada, the term resume is commonly used to describe the same kind of document, and people who prepare the documents are known as resume writers. Despite the prevalence of the term resume in North America, firms that specialize in preparing resumes for people working in academia are sometimes described as curriculum vitae writing services.

Curriculum vitae writing services are often large companies that mainly employ people with a background in human resources. Some curriculum vitae writers are self-employed, and many people even offer their services on a part-time basis to friends and family members. Anyone working within the field must have good language skills and knowledge of current hiring practices in different industries. Clients normally pay a flat fee to have a curriculum vitae prepared as well as a separate fee for the writing of cover letters that are geared towards specific job postings. Employees of companies that offer curriculum vitae writing services normally receive a commission for each document they complete.

The creation of a curriculum vitae normally begins with an interview during which the client provides the writer with information pertaining to past work experience, including hire dates, termination dates, and positions held. A curriculum vitae usually includes information on the job applicant's academic background from high school onwards, so each client must provide the writer with this information either verbally or in writing. The finished document also contains the names and addresses of both personal and professional references. Job seekers typically gain the approval of prospective references before sharing this personal contact information with the curriculum vitae writer.

Curriculum vitae writing services traditionally prepared resumes in paper form, but many companies now offer copies of the finished document in formats that can be transmitted via email or saved on computers and wireless devices. Prior to paying for the completed document, the writer normally allows the client to proofread the document for accuracy and to ensure that the document covers the information that is most relevant to the position in question. Curriculum vitae writing services normally keep copies of completed resumes on file for several months and enable past clients to request additional copies in exchange for an extra charge.

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    • In the U.S. and Canada, a CV is usually called a resume.
      By: Africa Studio
      In the U.S. and Canada, a CV is usually called a resume.