What are Cardboard Bins?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Cardboard bins are various boxes made of cardboard that may come in a number of shapes. Unlike cardboard boxes, they tend not to feature lids. Instead, cardboard bins are usually open and easy to access, and may fill numerous storage needs in homes or offices.


The various bin sizes and shapes of cardboard bins give people looking to store things loads of options. Some have sections for storing different types of things; for instance sewing notions could be kept in a sectioned cardboard bin. Others stack on top of each other, and a few come in drawer sets with heavy-duty cardboard drawers.

A principal advantage to cardboard bins is that they are usually inexpensive when compared in price to other storage materials. They are also generally recyclable, which may be an attractive option for people who have short-term storage needs and don’t want to purchase things like metal or plastic. Since cardboard is lightweight, it’s easy to move it from one place to another.

There are certainly disadvantages to using these bins. They are not particularly durable, and they certainly won’t protect stored items if they are exposed to the elements. Many people also feel that they look temporary, and having bins made of cardboard at businesses, especially in plain sight of customers, may not convey professionalism.

Most cardboard bins also have weight restrictions, and will bow, bend or rip if these are exceeded. Stacking bins that contain too much weight can crush the cardboard too. In general, bins are usually best used for temporary storage, and people should look to more durable storage options when they plan to store things for a long time.

Despite disadvantages of cardboard bins, there are many reasons to use them. People setting up temporary offices can inexpensively provide bins of all shapes for office supplies. For example, political offices set up for elections are perfect places for cardboard bins since they can be recycled once a campaign is ended.

Those planning to move soon might benefit from having some organizing cardboard bins for small items and larger ones for things like clothing. Since many of the bins are open, care must be taken so that packed items don’t fall out. However, a bin could be then packed in a cardboard box, keeping items together and organized while providing safety and protection during a move.

People can find bins made of cardboard in a variety of locations. They are available at many stores that specialize in storage options, they may be purchased at various home supply stores, and shipping stores can sometimes carry a few bins. Shoppers can also find a significant selection on the Internet.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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