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What Are Applesauce Muffins?

Glyn Sinclair
Glyn Sinclair

Applesauce muffins are small, cupcake-shaped food items that are made from a variety of breads, with one of the main ingredients being applesauce. There are many methods that can be employed for making applesauce, but the usual procedure is to simply cook apples with water and then purée the mixture. Spices such as cinnamon are sometimes added to the mix, along with ingredients such as brown sugar. Muffins can be made from wheat, wholegrain or even cornbread. Applesauce muffins simply combine all of these things into a tasty treat.

Muffins have become very popular, and although ly some people might associate them with health food, they can sometimes be loaded up with sweeteners such as high-fructose syrup and other fattening ingredients. Applesauce muffins, if made simply, without too many sweeteners, can be a healthy and low-calorie snack or part of a meal. Peeled or unpeeled apples that have a higher acidic count are considered to make for a much finer purée to include in the baking process. The amount of other fruit flavorings and additives is limited only by the baker’s imagination.


After the muffin mixture in completed and the applesauce and spices have been added, the batter is poured into individual cups or a metal baking sheet of similar mold patterns. These cups help give the muffin its distinctive shape and serrated outer edges. The molds typically are sprayed with a non-stick solution before the mixture is poured in. After they are fully baked, the muffins pop out of the molds with ease. Occasionally, a thin layer of foil or paper is pressed into the mold to prevent crusting on the bottom and to help with the removal of the baked muffin.

There are a few handy tips to which many cooks adhere when cooking applesauce muffins. One is not over-stirring the mixture, because this could cause the muffins to be too hard in consistency. If the desired consistency is for the completed muffin to resemble something like cake, then a healthier dollop of butter and sugar will go a long way toward achieving this. Conversely, using less sugar and butter will make for a lighter, fluffier muffin.

Cooks will often use different utensils when preparing the applesauce muffin batter. By mixing the dry ingredients and whipping the wet ingredients, such as eggs and applesauce, this creates a finer and moister overall consistency. The two ingredients are then gently mixed together with a wooden spoon. Some cooks will add fruit and other tasty ingredients before popping the applesauce muffins in their ovens.

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I have struggled to make good applesauce muffins. For some reason they never seem to bake right. They either end up too dry or too gooey, no matter how closely I follow the recipe. Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong?


I do not mean to go too far down the health food rabbit hole, but people often use premade applesauce when they make applesauce muffins and this is a processed food with lots of added sugar and chemicals. Using your own homemade apple sauce will produce a better flavored muffin and will be even healthier.


I love apple sauce muffins because they are so sweet and delicious but they do not have nearly as much fat as most muffins or other baked goods. And the apple flavor is so intense because it is mixed into every part of the batter.

I have tinkered with several different recipes but the best one I found is very simple and straight forward and uses a little bit of cinnamon and cloves to accent the flavor. They are delicious.

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