How Do I Sprout Almonds?

L. Baran

Sprouting almonds is a very simple process that results in almonds with significantly more nutrient content. This entire process takes a few days, but requires very little hands-on work. After the sprout almonds are washed, they are placed between wet cloths and left in a cold place to sprout over one to two days. Then the nuts are strained, peeled and placed in the fridge. The finished product can be eaten alone or used in a number of different healthy snacks.


When shopping for almonds, choose raw nuts that are unblanched for the best results, with organic nuts being preferable. Before beginning, the almonds must be thoroughly washed in cold water and then placed in a bowl completely covered by water. The nuts should be left to sit in the water for at least 10 hours and up to 12 hours, then thoroughly washed once more. Take two clean pieces of cotton cloth and moisten them, placing one cloth on a large baking tray. After spreading the sprout almonds on the cloth, the second wet sheet should be placed on top.

Almonds are packed with protein and other essential nutrients.
Almonds are packed with protein and other essential nutrients.

It is vitally important that the cotton cloths remain wet throughout the sprouting process, or the almonds will not respond appropriately. A spray bottle or hand sprinkling of water around every six to eight hours should be sufficient to keep the cloths moist. Too much water, however, is also not conducive to sprout almonds. To prevent the accumulation of moisture, the baking tray should be slightly raised on one end to allow excess water to run off. The tray should be placed in a cool, semi-dark area.

The sprouting process takes between 24 and 36 hours, depending on the nuts and the environmental conditions. Approximately every eight hours, a nut should be tasted and felt to test for readiness. When the sprout almonds are ready, there will be a large bulge on each side of the nut and a bumpy sensation to the touch. After the almonds are ready, they should be drained in a small strainer and rinsed with tepid water. The nuts are now ready to be peeled.

Any unused nuts should be put in the refrigerator and eaten within two to four days. Sprout almonds are an excellent source of healthy fats, magnesium, protein, calcium and vitamins A, B and E. They can be eaten alone, over a fresh salad, or as almond butter. Any brown or green almonds should be removed and discarded, as the nuts should be plain white and slightly soft.

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