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What are Some Dishes Made with Almonds?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Almonds add crunch and nutrition to both savory dishes and desserts. They are a good source of Vitamin E and protein. Almonds figure prominently in Turkish and Indian cuisines and are also used in American baking and cooking. There are many different types of delicious dishes made with almonds including main dishes and sweet treats.

Almonds can compliment main dishes in many different ways. Pork chops can be stuffed with a mixture of bread cubes, almonds, herbs and other ingredients. Ground almonds, cracker crumbs and seasoning mixtures can be used to coat, or bread, chicken breasts or fish fillets for pan frying. The fish or poultry is dipped into a milk and egg mixture and then rolled into the almond and cracker breading before frying.

Shelled and whole almonds.
Shelled and whole almonds.

Courser ground or chopped almonds can also be mixed with cracker crumbs or bread crumbs to top vegetarian or chicken casseroles. Slivered almonds are also ideal to add to a salad. Green bean casserole is one of the most popular American dishes made with almonds. Green bean casserole is a vegetable side dish that blends green beans, a creamy sauce, fried onion rings and almonds.

Ground almonds can be part of a dessert known as halva.
Ground almonds can be part of a dessert known as halva.

Many main dishes made with almonds also feature chicken. Chicken Almondine uses sliced almonds and chicken breasts. Badami Murgh (Chicken with Almonds) is an Indian dish that uses both finely ground and slivered almonds. A creamy almond soup made with finely ground almonds is also part of Indian cuisine. Dried fruits and nuts such as almonds are sprinkled on top of vegetables such as squash and ground almonds are often used in curries.

Dishes made with almonds are extremely popular in Turkish cuisine. Almonds as well as hazelnuts and walnuts are commonly eaten with breakfast foods in Turkey. Rice Pilaf with almonds is a Turkish dish that is enjoyed world-wide.

Turkish Baklava has either pistachios in the filo pastry layers or a syrupy almond paste filling. Almond Pudding with chopped almonds added to a custard base is another one of Turkey's popular dishes made with almonds. Halva is a well-known Turkish dessert that can be made with honey, sugar, cinnamon, cream of wheat and ground almonds.

Italian biscotti can feature almonds and almond flavoring. Chocolate biscotti often has slivered almonds added to the batter and after baking, the biscotti may be dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with chopped almonds. Almond Cakes may contain both ground almonds and almond extract for flavor. Almond bar cookies can be made with a pie crust base filled with an almond-flavored cream cheese filling. Almond frosting and chopped almonds can be sprinkled on top before cutting the dessert into bars.

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Almonds are great for garnishing. I garnish almost every dessert with almonds, especially flan (called creme caramel in Europe), pound cake and fruit cakes and cookies.

I like making regular sugar cookies but adding things like almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts in the dough randomly. You can add almonds when making vanilla milkshakes and use almond powder in black or green tea too.


I use almonds a lot when I cook but my favorite dish is a pate with almonds and mushrooms. I saute mushrooms, garlic and onion and process this in a food processor with cream cheese, almonds, soy sauce and lemon juice. I serve it every time I have guests over with bread or crackers. I have gotten nothing but compliments for it.


I like to make fresh green beans with almonds. I boil the green beans separately and make sure not to overcook. In a separate small stainless steel pan, I saute slivered almonds (which you can get from grocery stores) in butter or olive oil. When the slivered almonds have become golden, I add the green beans and saute with green beans for a few minutes and add salt.

This is such a fast and tasty side dish. I always make this with Italian pasta dishes. Almonds add a different and crunchy texture to foods and I enjoy that.

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    • Shelled and whole almonds.
      By: Elenathewise
      Shelled and whole almonds.
    • Ground almonds can be part of a dessert known as halva.
      By: Leonid Nyshko
      Ground almonds can be part of a dessert known as halva.