How Do I Make a Mosaic Birdbath?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Premixed tile adhesive holds tiles in place.
Premixed tile adhesive holds tiles in place.

There are several ways to make a mosaic birdbath, but all involve some type of mosaic pieces and grout. Generally, people purchase the birdbath base and then apply mosaic pieces to that base using whatever method is most appropriate for the shape. The type of mosaic pieces, the birdbath itself, and the pattern used can yield very different designs. It is important to keep in mind, however, that a mosaic birdbath must be sturdy and weatherproof if it is to be used outside.

The basic process of making a mosaic birdbath involves applying mosaic tiles to a birdbath base. Mosaic tiles can be made by breaking ceramic dishes, or they can be purchased in shapes like squares and circles. Textured tiles and those with bumps and shapes can also be used, although it is advisable to stay away from any tiles that might be sharp.

A mosaic birdbath can be created out of many different types of birdbath bases, but most people prefer to work with birdbaths that have at least some flat surfaces. This is because putting flat tiles on rounded bases can result in spiky and unattractive results. One popular design for birdbaths involves a flat-bottomed ceramic dish, the visible bottom of which can be turned into a mosaic, leaving the sides alone.

To construct the mosaic birdbath, you must apply an adhesive to the birdbath itself. Tile adhesive is usually the best choice. This adhesive holds the tiles to the birdbath in whatever design is desired. It is usually a good idea to put the adhesive on in sections so that it does not dry out before the tiles are applied, but whatever the directions on the adhesive advise is usually the best solution. Many people choose to put the tiles as close together as possible, but leaving large gaps between the tiles is acceptable.

Once the tiles are firmly set in place, grout must be applied over the tiles. It is important to purchase grout suitable for outdoor use. There are several colors of grout available, but black and white are usually the easiest to find. Grout must be applied according to the directions on the package, and techniques and instructions may be different for different brands.

Another way to make a mosaic birdbath is to make the birdbath out of concrete and set the tiles directly into the concrete. This is somewhat tricky but can be done well with practice. When making this type of birdbath, it is usually important to have some practice working with concrete.

What gives a mosaic birdbath its unique look is often the arrangement of the tiles. Pictures, abstract patterns, and even words can be made using mosaic tiles. Many people choose to make a birdbath that represents something important to them. As this type of craft is limited primarily by the constraints of patience and skill, it is possible to make nearly any design for a birdbath of this type.

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    • Premixed tile adhesive holds tiles in place.
      By: tezzstock
      Premixed tile adhesive holds tiles in place.