How Do I Choose the Best Wholesale Makeup?

Alex Tree

You can choose the best wholesale makeup by determining the makeup quality, its expiration date, and the business’s return policies. Sometimes, wholesale makeup brushes, perfume, and other cosmetics are poor quality or not adequately described by the company. In addition, even if the product quality is excellent, it is possible to order wholesale makeup that expires mere weeks to months after its delivery. Lastly, know the business’s policy on returns in case something breaks during shipment or the wrong item is shipped.

Wholesale makeup.
Wholesale makeup.

To choose the best wholesale makeup, determine the quality of the product. Many wholesale companies are open to the idea of sending potential bulk order customers a small sample item. Thoroughly test the product to ensure it is up to par, and that you will not regret ordering a bulk purchase of the same product. If the company refuses to send one item, either order the smallest batch or find another business who is willing. By testing the product, you can save time and money by not having to send it back for a refund, or worse, keeping a bulk order of a low quality product.

Make sure wholesale products are of good quality and not about to pass their expiration date.
Make sure wholesale products are of good quality and not about to pass their expiration date.

Wholesale makeup products are often inexpensive when ordered in large amounts, but if the price seems too good to be true even for the amount you are ordering, check the expiration date. It is common business practice to mark down an item once it gets close to its expiration. Once an item has expired, depending on the local law, the merchant might not be able to legally sell it. While purchasing almost expired wholesale makeup is not a problem if you plan to use it all quickly, it can be an issue if you plan to sell it or store it for months to years.

Before placing an order for wholesale makeup, read the company’s policy on refunds. Sometimes it is necessary to return an item if it arrives broken but, unless the break was somehow directly the fault of the company, many companies charge a restocking fee for a refund, plus require you to pay shipping costs. Besides the return shipping costs, the restocking fee can be anywhere from 5% to 15%, negating some or all of savings you received from ordering wholesale. In addition, some businesses do not accept returns for any reason. Read the policy for situations like this and look for reviews from customers who did have a problem to determine how difficult it will be to resolve.

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