How Do I Choose the Best Water Carafe?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Restaurant managers and other shoppers who want to find the best water carafe can consider how well each locally available design can serve their needs and complement an existing kitchen inventory. A water carafe is a simple container, often made of clear glass, that provides for serving water at a table. The role of a carafe is similar to that of a pitcher; one distinct difference is that while a pitcher has a defined handle for pouring, the carafe typically has a more basic shape and users often pour while holding onto the neck of the container.

One critical step in choosing the best water carafe for a space is in choosing materials. Glass is the most popular material, although in some unique cases, shoppers may want to choose alternatives like synthetic glass or plastic to prevent breakage. Since many water carafe designs are made with thick glass, many buyers consider them durable enough for long term use.

Another idea for choosing the best water carafes is that consumers should make sure that the container is easy to clean and easy to use. Some more complex water carafe designs can include small nooks and crannies that, when cleaned with soap, can harbor residue of the cleaning agent, and make the water taste bad when it is served. It’s also helpful to consider how the users will pour, and whether the overall design makes pouring easy.

Some of those who are choosing water carafes for a restaurant or other space will want their choice to fit with an existing décor. Even in a home, items like a water carafe can complement an existing style. For instance, one major difference between designs is the rustic versus the formal. A rustic water carafe might feature a cruder flared upper mouth, random glass engravings or patterns, or a less sophisticated look overall. Formal water carafes may resemble high-end wine decanters or similar vessels, with thinner glass in specific areas, less engraving or patterns, and a decidedly elegant look.

Shoppers can also consider whether they want their water carafe to be truly transparent, or if a tinted model can provide a good look for a table. Tinted glass is often popular for those who want to add color to a space. Others may prefer a unique finish, such as frosted glass. All of these considerations will help individuals to find the best carafes and pitcher alternatives for serving guests, patrons, or others.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book