How do I Choose the Best Toupee?

Sheri Cyprus

When choosing the best men's toupee, or hairpiece, the most important consideration is that it blends in with the rest of your hair. Both the color and texture of men's wigs should look like they belong with the natural hair, no matter how little of it is left on the head. If the toupee looks too stiff and unnatural, it's just going to call attention to the fact that it's not your own hair.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

Looking for a toupee at a shop that specializes in creating natural looking hairstyles for men can be a good idea. Examine photographs of models and customers wearing toupees from the shop to see if you like the look. If you can tell that the hairpieces don't match the rest of the hair or somehow don't look natural, then check toupees at other stores or men's hairstyling shops. Many people consider it better to be bald than to wear an unflattering men's wig.

While you'll need to set a budget when buying a hairpiece, don't look at price alone. A human hair wig will typically cost more than a synthetic one, yet the difference in appearance can be remarkable. A synthetic toupee may look obviously fake even from a distance. Even if you opt for a natural hairpiece, a crucial thing to keep in mind when choosing a toupee is fit. Even if the men's wig is made of real hair and has a natural look to it, this may change if the fit isn't good.

Toupee tape should keep the hairpiece securely on the head. Ideally, a men's hairstylist experienced in fitting and styling toupees should show you how to place the wig on your head as well as the best methods for you in terms of blending the hair you do have with the new hairpiece. Any obvious gaps or horizontal line between the toupee and your hair can create an unattractive, unrealistic look.

If you have trouble finding toupees that blend in with your natural hairline, consider choosing a new hairstyle or texture for your remaining hair. Also look for toupees that don't look so straight cut. In many obviously fake hairpieces, the edge is unnaturally even. Look at men's wigs that have natural-looking strands of hair hanging below the bottom edge of the hairpiece. As long as the tone and overall color closely matches your natural hair, the toupee should blend in well.

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