How do I Choose the Best Thermostat Cover? (with picture)

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen
Most thermostats are simply covered with a piece of plastic.
Most thermostats are simply covered with a piece of plastic.

Before purchasing a thermostat cover, you may need to consider a number of factors. The most important concern is what kind of thermostat you need to cover. There are many different types of thermostat covers, each designed for use with distinct types of thermostats.

A locking thermostat cover is very useful for thermostats located in places where there are lots of people. They are used to prevent tampering, unauthorized adjustments, and vandalism. Some of the devices use a traditional lock and key, while others may use a digital keypad. You will have to think about how you will restrict access to the key and how many copies of the key you will want. If there is a numerical access code, you will have to consider how you will keep this number combination secure.

A generic thermostat cover is typically a plastic box that may be appropriate for covering most thermostats. They may or may not have a locking mechanism. People may want to buy a cover for a number of reasons, but one common goal is to keep the thermostat from become dusty or dirty. Determining the purpose of this item may help you decide if a generic cover will suit your needs.

Normally, a thermostat cover is made from clear plastic. You may find a clear cover convenient because it will allow you to see the thermostat settings without removing it. The clear covers may be more functional, but you may want to find a thermostat cover that blocks unauthorized viewing, especially in a business environment.

If a home thermostat is in a conspicuous or awkward place in a room, many people will choose to use a thermostat cover to camouflage it. Various novelty thermostat covers are available to match your home’s decor. You also may wish to build your own thermostat cover to fit your design scheme.

A significant consideration is whether the cover you plan to purchase comes complete with everything you will need to install the item. Many thermostat covers require only a screwdriver for installation, but others may involve more complex installation methods. You should make sure that you have the tools needed to install the cover before buying it.

If you are purchasing a cover for a thermostat other than a home thermostat, there are additional considerations. There are many types of thermostats, and each kind may require a separate type of cover. If you are searching for a thermostat cover for a specific type of thermostat, it may be more difficult to find and more expensive.

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    • Most thermostats are simply covered with a piece of plastic.
      Most thermostats are simply covered with a piece of plastic.