What is a Lockable Thermostat?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A lockable thermostat is a climate control device with a locking mechanism, preventing people from using it without authorization. People can use this to cut down on heating and cooling costs by limiting access to the thermostat settings. It can also be helpful for preventing accidental adjustments when people knock the thermostat without realizing it. The thermostat itself can lock, or people can buy a cover that will prevent others from accessing the controls.

A lockable thermostat.
A lockable thermostat.

Some lockable thermostat systems are mechanical in nature. They make it impossible to adjust the settings, forcing people to leave the climate control set at a given position. Others interface with a programmable system. One advantage to a programmable lockable thermostat is the ability to set up heating and cooling cycles such as turning the heat down low in a classroom after school and on the weekends, when no one needs it to be warm.

A programmable lockable thermostat may be unlocked by holding down an icon or entering a code. Some interface with a building's computer network to send an alert when someone changes the settings or there is a problem with the heater. This allows the person in charge of maintenance to respond quickly when someone is tampering with a thermostat or a heater is not working.

Installing a lockable thermostat is usually very easy, and the packaging should provide directions. If people have any doubts, they can ask a heating specialist to come in and handle the installation. This may be a good idea in situations where people need to install programmable thermostats. The installer can make sure all the settings work properly and check the heater at the same time for any signs of problems. Replacing worn components and recalibrating a thermostat can often increase energy efficiency and will also help keep temperatures more stable.

Costs for lockable thermostats vary depending on the nature of the product, from very low costs for thermostat covers to higher ones for programmable thermostats with the ability to send wireless alerts. Many can pay for themselves very quickly, as they will cut down significantly on expenses associated with heating and cooling. If cost is an issue, there are grants from energy companies or government agencies for those who are eligible. These grants provide coverage for buying equipment to improve energy efficiency and can sometimes include direct grants of products from participating manufacturers. Community organizations can provide more information about assistance programs in any given area.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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