How do I Choose the Best Talking Pedometer?

Anna B. Smith

The best talking pedometer counts both steps taken and calories burned during a workout, and includes a panic feature setting and alarm clock. This type of unit improves the quality of the workout, while helping the user stay safe. Pedometers may also be purchased with large, easy to read displays for those who require the added voice feature due to visual impairments.

Pedometers measure how many steps a person takes.
Pedometers measure how many steps a person takes.

A pedometer is designed to count the number of steps an individual takes during a given time frame. These small units may be attached to a belt, clipped to a shirt, or worn around the arm or waist through use of an elastic band. A talking pedometer not only counts steps, but also audibly informs the user periodically how far he has traveled.

The best talking pedometer will measure not only step taken, but also calories burned.
The best talking pedometer will measure not only step taken, but also calories burned.

Users who are actively counting their daily caloric intake as part of an overall diet and fitness regimen may prefer a talking pedometer that also tracks the calories burned during a workout. The pedometer can be programmed to update the user during his workout with the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, and approximately the number of calories burned. He can then choose to extend his workout to burn a specific number of calories, or complete his regimen upon having attained his goal.

Individuals who are generally concerned for their own personal safety may enjoy the added feature of a panic alarm built into their talking pedometer. This type of alarm is typically triggered by an external pin that may be pulled from the pedometer circuitry by the user. A loud pulse then sounds to alert anyone in the vicinity to the user's location. These devices are helpful for those who may have limited mobility and might otherwise not be able to seek help in the event of an injury.

The talking pedometer can also be equipped with an alarm clock. This feature allows the user to set a particular time at which he wishes to complete his workout. An alarm will sound at the pre-programmed time and the unit can update the user with the statistics of his present workout. This type of unit is often utilized by employees who enjoy walking or jogging during scheduled lunch breaks. The alarm function allows them to finish exercising, change clothes, and return to the office within the confines of their set break.

Those who have difficulty reading digital displays should purchase a talking pedometer with a large numerical screen. The voice updating system with which the unit is equipped eliminates the need to check the readout display while exercising. The screen must be used, however, to program the clock and start and stop the counting feature. Easy to read pedometers tend to use low glare materials around the display and feature screens on more than half of the pedometer front for large, crisp numbers.

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