How do I Choose the Best Scrapbooking Tote?

Patti Kate

When you choose a type of scrapbooking tote in which to organize your supplies, consider everything you need to store. If you only have a small amount of supplies, a smaller tote might work for you. You might also need to consider where you will be toting the items to. If you intend to do traveling with your scrapbooking tote, you'll probably want to choose something rugged that offers durability. You'll want to have everything neatly stored where you can easily view the contents as well, and some totes work better to provide you with that feature.

A scrapbooking tote is used to store and organize scrapbooking supplies.
A scrapbooking tote is used to store and organize scrapbooking supplies.

Think of every possible advantage a scrapbooking tote can have to offer, and assess what your own personal needs and accommodations would be. Scrapbooking totes or storage cases come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Color or pattern choice is probably not an essential aspect to consider, but size and portability can be.

A scrapbooking tote may need to be large enough to fit a gridded cutting mat and other tools.
A scrapbooking tote may need to be large enough to fit a gridded cutting mat and other tools.

Breaking it down to different essential functions, first think of the size. How much space you will need will dictate the scrapbooking tote to consider. For one thing, if your scrapbooking needs include room for extra scrapbook pages, a larger-size tote will probably suit your needs best. Figure the dimensions of length and width and compare that with the dimensions of the tote. Whether your scrapbook is rectangular, square or oblong in shape might dictate which shape of scrapbooking tote will accommodate your needs best.

A tote that can withstand the outdoor elements might be a consideration. If you plan on using your tote outdoors in all types of weather, you'll want a material that will sustain potential damage from rain or snow. In such a case, vinyl material might work best. Some scrapbooking totes offer the transparent vinyl that makes organization simple. Being able to visualize where your supplies are might be an advantage.

The hobby of scrapbooking requires putting together a stock of usable supplies, and these should be readily available for use. This is why many of the organizers intended for scrapbook supplies come equipped with pockets or compartments. This will make it easy to separate items such as scrapbook stickers, scrapbook stamps and scrapbook die cuts. As an alternative to storing all your supplies in one compartment area, a pocket also can prevent a loose item from becoming stuck to another or getting lost. Some of the pocketed totes might have a labeling system as well or provide adhesive labels to adhere directly onto the pockets.

Also keep in mind that a scrapbooking tote doesn't necessarily have to mean a tote bag or purse. You could choose a bag or caddy constructed of sturdy plastic or other durable material. If you choose this option, a good idea is to ensure the storage case secures all items without the risk of them spilling out. A sturdy and comfortable handle would also be a convenient addition.

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