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How Do I Choose the Best Passport Cover?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

To choose the best passport cover, you may want to consider a range of factors. Determining the purpose of the cover may be the most important aspect. Some people want a durable passport cover to physically protect their passport from damage, while other people want a cover simply for decorative purposes. Another use for a cover is to hide or camouflage a passport with the intent of avoiding theft. Thinking about the reason you want a passport cover can assist you in making the most appropriate selection.

Many passport covers are very inexpensive. For people who do not want to spend a lot of money, the purchase of a simple leather or faux-leather cover may be the best choice. Cheap covers for a passport can meet your needs if all you require is a measure of basic protection. Covers designed to camouflage your passport are often not the least expensive cover.

A passport.
A passport.

For people who have large budgets, there are many high-end passport covers available. Some people may want high-grade leather covers for their passports, while others may want their covers to be made from another material, such as stainless steel or hard plastic. High-quality manufacturing materials may lead to greater durability and longevity. If you have more money to spend, you may also find a wider variety of styles, colors, and designers or brand names available to you.

A passport photo.
A passport photo.

Some passport covers have basic designs and are simply slip-on covers. Another type of passport cover is one that may have extra features, such as an additional pocket that can hold other documents you may need while traveling. A passport cover may be open on the sides, but some have a zipper or a button fastener. Deciding which features appeal most to you may help you to narrow down your choices.

Passport covers may also be designed strictly for decorative purposes. Fun passport covers may emphasize color and design while providing limited protection and anti-theft features. Some people simply like to have a cover for their passport that is of their favorite color or one that features a design or logo that they enjoy. Covers designed for decorative purposes are often less expensive than those designed for protection.

Many people prefer to have a personalized passport cover. One option for personalization is to order a custom cover, specifying the material used, design, and style. A personalized passport cover often has a monogram that features the name or initials of the passport holder. Personalized items may also be available in a wider range of colors and styles than regular passport covers.

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    • A passport.
      By: Hugh O'Neill
      A passport.
    • A passport photo.
      By: mangostock
      A passport photo.