How Do I Choose the Best Natural Eyeliner?

Angela Colley
Angela Colley
Eyeliner pencils require occasional sharpening.
Eyeliner pencils require occasional sharpening.

There are dozens of types of eyeliner on the market. The best natural eyeliner will be one that lives up to its claim of having natural ingredients, while still providing a long-lasting, attractive look. Natural eyeliners come in both liquid and pencil and are available in several different hues, such as black, brown, blue, gold, or green. For the best results, the consumer should choose whichever type of eyeliner she is most comfortable working with.

A truly natural eyeliner is completely organic and does not contain artificial products that may harm the skin.
A truly natural eyeliner is completely organic and does not contain artificial products that may harm the skin.

The ingredients play a pivotal role in natural eyeliner. When it comes to cosmetics, the term “natural” does not always mean organic or environmentally friendly. An eyeliner marketed as “natural” may only have one or two ingredients derived from plant sources. For a truly natural eyeliner, consumers should choose an organic eyeliner.

Organic eyeliner will have naturally derived ingredients with no artificial dyes, colorants, or perfumes. For example, it may contain olive oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, shae butter, or carnauba wax. These ingredients do not cause harm to the skin and may be beneficial for those with sensitive skin or allergies. These type of eyeliners should carry an organic seal or state the percentage of organic ingredients used.

Pencil and liquid are the two most common types of natural eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner looks like a writing pencil and can be applied directly onto the eye line. Most pencil eyeliners require sharpening, but a few have a built in sharpening mechanism. Liquid eyeliner comes in a small bottle with a wand and typically creates a darker, more pronounced line. The wand is dipped into the liquid and applied directly to the eye line.

Natural eyeliner comes in several hues. Black and brown are the most common color for eyeliner, however, many manufacturers sell blue and gold shades as well. Consumers can also find natural eyeliner in brighter colors, such as green, white, silver, and purple. Each eyeliner shade will have a different effect, depending on eye color.

Some types of natural eyeliner have advanced features. For example, waterproof eyeliner will not smudge or rub off in water. Long lasting eyeliner is made from a special formula that helps the eyeliner bond to the eyelid, allowing it to remain intact for long periods of time. A few manufacturers also market natural eyeliner for consumers with sensitive skin. This type of eyeliner does not contain perfumes or dyes, which can sometimes irritate the eyes.

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@spotiche5- In my opinion, when it comes to natural makeup, you get what you pay for. Products like eyeliners seem to have better ingredients and work better when they cost a little bit more. The upside to this fact is that this type of makeup seems to last a long time and wear very well when it is made of quality ingredients.


I have never used natural eyeliners, but I want to give them a try. I noticed that they are available at a wide range of prices. I'm wondering if the less expensive natural eyeliners work as well as those that cost a bit more.


I have another tip that is important for anyone to follow who wants to try using a natural eyeliner in order to avoid spending money on products that don't work very well.

While eyeliners that are made of natural ingredients can be great to use, some of them are hard, crumbly, and difficult to apply. This is why it is important to buy this type of makeup at a store that provides makeup samples for shoppers to try before buying these products.

If you shop for a natural eyeliner at a cosmetic counter that allows you to try out the products first. you will be able to see which ones go on smoothly and which ones do not. I have found that the best way to try them out is to simply rub the eyeliner pencils on the back of your hand. You will easily see which ones go on smoothly without tugging, and which ones you should avoid because they are hard and chalky. Testing the natural eyeliners first will also allow you to see how vibrant the colors are when applied on the skin.

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    • Eyeliner pencils require occasional sharpening.
      By: cedrov
      Eyeliner pencils require occasional sharpening.
    • A truly natural eyeliner is completely organic and does not contain artificial products that may harm the skin.
      By: katalinks
      A truly natural eyeliner is completely organic and does not contain artificial products that may harm the skin.