How do I Choose the Best Liquid Eyeliner?

B. Miller
B. Miller
A woman wearing black eyeliner has blush applied.
A woman wearing black eyeliner has blush applied.

Liquid eyeliner is a cosmetic product designed to line the eyes and give them a more dramatic, noticeable appearance. Choosing the best liquid eyeliner is largely a matter of personal preference, depending on your preferred shade. To begin choosing an eyeliner, first determine if you need it to be waterproof or not.

Liquid eyeliner works well in waterproof forms, though it will need to be removed with makeup remover. In addition, you will need to choose what color eyeliner you want. The most popular eyeliner colors are black and brown, as these tend to look most natural. Liquid eyeliners come in all different colors, however, and the benefit to using a liquid eyeliner is that the colors tend to appear much bolder, sharper, and brighter on the eyes than those from an eyeliner pencil. Those with lighter eyes might be more likely to choose a brown or charcoal eyeliner, while those with darker eyes might choose a black eyeliner; however, when applied properly, any color can look great.

Liquid eyeliner can be applied to make a person's eyes look bigger.
Liquid eyeliner can be applied to make a person's eyes look bigger.

Most people who use eyeliner have more than one shade or type for different occasions. Eyeliner in liquid form gives a much darker line than eyeliner in pencil or eyeshadow form, so keep that in mind when choosing a liquid eyeliner. Also, keep in mind that it is not possible to "blend" an eyeliner in liquid form with eyeshadows on the eye, as many people like to do. Liquid eyeliners nearly always come with an included applicator brush, so it is not necessary to purchase a separate one.

Liquid eyeliner is often described as the most difficult type of eyeliner to apply. With practice, though, it can be applied to the eye in one smooth line, without needing to pull on the eyelid to draw the line, as with a pencil eyeliner. Constant pulling on the eyes can lead to loosening of the skin and wrinkling. Liquid eyeliners are also better able to fill in the lash line, and the thickness of the eyeliner line can be much better controlled with a liquid than pencil. In general, a thicker line will give a more dramatic appearance to the eyes than a thinner line.

Choosing the best liquid eyeliner may take some trial and error. It may be helpful to read reviews of different eyeliners online, to learn if it is truly long-lasting or can be removed easily. It is also important to choose an eyeliner that does not irritate your eyes; if it causes redness or pain, immediately stop using the eyeliner, and try a different one. Remember to replace liquid eyeliner every three to four months.

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Subway11- Liquid eye shadow is also good if you are a little older and have problems with the eye shadow creasing.

This product allows you to apply your eye shadow evenly and remains in place without creasing. You can even layer a little bit of powdered eye shadow and it will hold the color in place really well.

Also I use a brow shaper by Clinique instead of an eyebrow pencil. It tends to leave a softer more natural application on the eyebrows then the eyebrow pencil does.


Sunny27-I think that if you have green eyes you should really look at liquid eyeliner shades that are in the mauve or violet family.

These colors tend to bring out the green and make the eyes stand out more. If you happen to have blue eyes, then a better liquid eye shadow or liquid eyeliner would be brown.

Brown will enhance blue eyes and make them look richer.

If you have brown eyes you can experiment with a lot of shades. The only color you should avoid is brown because there will be no contrast and you will look washed up.

The same goes for if your eyes are blue or green. Wearing the same color eye makeup as your eye color does not enhance your features. It actually dulls them out.


Crispety-I love liquid makeup in general because it last longer and your skin feels softer. I usually buy liquid eyeliner along with liquid eye shadow and blush.

My make up stays fresh for a long time and it does not feel caked on. After you try waterproof makeup it is hard to go back to traditional powdered eye shadow and blush.


I love eye liner, but I prefer liquid eye liner over the eye pencil eye liner. Liquid eye liner stays on all day and it does not smudge like a pencil does.

In addition, you can apply a thicker more dramatic application that will make your lashes look fuller. The way to apply liquid eye liner is to lift the eye brow with one hand and apply the liner on the top lid beginning from the outside corner until you reach the inside.

It is important that if you are over 30, you should not apply any eye liner on the bottom part of the eye. The reason for this is that it tends to cause a shadow effect that will make you look older.

The mascara should also only be applied in the top layer as well, for the same reason. The best liquid eyeliners are by Bobbi Brown.

Her liquid eyeliners are in a small container and you simply have to buy the long brush to apply the eyeliner. The eyeliner lasts forever and you do not need to reapply.

It comes on smooth and it stays that way until you take it off. It does not stiffen like other eyeliners do.

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    • A woman wearing black eyeliner has blush applied.
      By: Viktor Pravdica
      A woman wearing black eyeliner has blush applied.
    • Liquid eyeliner can be applied to make a person's eyes look bigger.
      By: Africa Studio
      Liquid eyeliner can be applied to make a person's eyes look bigger.