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How Do I Choose the Best Men's Thermal Underwear?

Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Come winter time, men's thermal underwear often becomes a necessity. When choosing thermal underwear, it is important to consider underwear style, the efficacy of the thermal underwear fabric and a man's preferences regarding his underwear. You may find that some retailers have a better selection than others. In fact, if you live in a relatively warm area, you may need to rely on online or catalog retailers when purchasing winter underwear. In such cases, you may need to pay particular attention to the sizing charts and return policies of the retailer.

Men's thermal underwear comes in a variety of styles, and men may have strong preferences for certain types of underwear. Depending on when a man plans to wear thermal underwear, he may also want several styles that look good under various types of clothing. If you are choosing thermal underwear for yourself, consider your wardrobe and which styles of underwear you need to get through the winter months. You should also consider your own comfort, particularly when it comes to various types of underpants. If you are selecting the underwear for someone other than yourself, it is a good idea to ask him about his preferences.

Thermal underwear comes in a variety of styles.
Thermal underwear comes in a variety of styles.

An important consideration in choosing men's thermal underwear is whether the thermal material from which the underwear is made will be effective at keeping its wearer warm. Specifically, a man needs to consider the conditions under which he will be out and about in the cold and choose a fabric designed to offer protection in such temperatures. Different fabrics can be used in making thermal underwear, so if a man has specific concerns due to regularly being exposed to extreme temperatures, he may wish to talk to an underwear retailer and get their feedback on which materials are best suited to his needs. He may also want to talk to co-workers or seek online advice from those who regularly purchase men's thermal underwear for employment or sporting needs.

Thermal underwear should help keep a person warm during the winter months.
Thermal underwear should help keep a person warm during the winter months.

Some retailers have strict policies regarding the return of underwear. For this reason, you should take the time to either try the underwear on in a store, over your regular underwear, or take measurements at home so as to select the best fit from a mail-order store's sizing chart. Without a good fit, it is unlikely that you, or a man for whom you buy thermal underwear, will actually want to wear the undergarments, even if they are made from good material.

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Discussion Comments


If you are looking for a good brand of thermal underwear you're best off having a look in skiing forums and other places catering to people who play winter sports. I guarantee they will have a thread somewhere discussing the virtues of various different kinds of clothes and if you can't find one, you can always ask.

Many of the good brands of mens thermal underwear are international so whatever they have to say will probably be relevant.

And you'll be able to get advice from people who have actually worn the underwear in winter conditions, rather than just someone who is trying to sell it to you.


I find if you are smart about it you can find thermal underwear on sale easily enough. They always put it on sale right after winter starts to wind down.

There won't be as many styles left, but for the most part it's going to be hidden under your clothes anyway.

It can be quite expensive otherwise. It's difficult to decide to spend the money on it, when you know winter is another year away, but you will have to buy it eventually, so why not buy while it's cheap?

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    • Thermal underwear comes in a variety of styles.
      By: Lucky Dragon
      Thermal underwear comes in a variety of styles.
    • Thermal underwear should help keep a person warm during the winter months.
      By: Dasha Petrenko
      Thermal underwear should help keep a person warm during the winter months.