How Do I Choose the Best Loaf Sugar?

Kristeen Moore

Loaf sugar contains a refined form of the popular sweetener, and it is sold in the form of a block. The best types of blocks are made from white table sugar because the loaf tends to keep its form better. Also, white sugar is the most versatile kind, and it is called for in more recipes than any other kind of sweetener. When choosing loaf sugar, look for a brand that has a completely sealed package so that the product does not expire. As an alternative, you may also choose organic blocks of sugar.

Because loaf sugar is moist, some people prefer to use it when baking.
Because loaf sugar is moist, some people prefer to use it when baking.

The best loaf is made out of white sugarcane. When the sugar is processed, water or syrup is utilized to make the crystals stick together, and it is formed into a block. This differs from granulated sugar, which is dried after processing so that the crystals do not stick together. Sugar loaves are more challenging to use because you have to cut portions off of the block, but it is favored by many cooks for its convenience in storage.

Sugar loaves can technically be made from any kind of sweetener, but the best versions are white. White, or table sugar, is extremely versatile, and you will find that most of the recipes that you have call for it. It makes more sense, therefore, to purchase a whole block of sugar that you can actually use as opposed to another type that might go to waste before you get to finish it.

Although table sugar does not generally have an expiration date, you will want to ensure that the loaf that you choose is properly sealed. Historically, blocks of sugar were sold immediately upon making, and the products were utilized fairly quickly before they spoiled. Ideally, the best brand should offer loaves in layered wraps so that you can easily store the sweetener for later use. If you instead have loaf sugar that is not sealed, you will need to place it in an airtight container so that it does not spoil. Once sugar is exposed to certain elements, such as humidity and moisture, it can easily dissolve.

Organic sugar blocks are an alternative to traditional loaves sold in supermarkets. You might consider choosing this version if you want a sweetener that is not processed with the aid of chemicals. The best organic loaf sugar should have a label that clearly states that the cane product does not have any chemicals. In order to ensure that your product of choice is indeed organic, you might consider purchasing it from a natural health store that sells other similar types of food items. No matter which kind of loaf sugar you pick, you should purchase the most appropriate size to match your cooking needs.

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