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How Do I Choose the Best Key Hooks?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Choosing the best key hooks is largely a matter of choosing the ones that look best to you, but you will also want to take size into consideration, as well as cost. The materials used to make the key hooks will have an effect on the cost of the units, as will the overall design of the hooks. Try to choose hooks that are within your price range, easy to install, and visually appealing. Above all, make sure the hooks are durable enough to hold your keys to avoid the keys from falling off the unit and getting lost on the ground.

The key hooks you buy for the home will more than likely be different than the hooks you buy for the office. If you work in a place that requires you to keep numerous sets of keys organized, you may want to consider an industrial key organizer with a higher number of hooks. There should be plenty of space in between and above hooks to allow for labels if required. Some of these industrial key hooks even come color-coded to allow even more efficient organization of high numbers of keys. Some units feature a door that can be locked to prevent unwanted visitors from taking keys without permission.

A key.
A key.

For home use, consider how many pairs of keys or other objects will be hung from the key hooks. Choose a model that features several hooks to accommodate many keys if necessary, or a simpler model made for only one pair of keys. The design of the hook itself will vary according to your preferences; you can get a personalized model with your family name, or a prefabricated model that features decorative accents. You can even choose from a variety of styles that are personalized to hobbies, such as hooks that feature dogs, bicycles, mountains, and so on.

Some models of key hooks feature pockets as well to accommodate items that will not hang. A wallet, sunglasses, or garage door opener can be stored in the pockets or pouches to add even more convenience to the unit. Some key hook models are combined with larger units meant for hanging coats and hats, and other units feature a small shelf above the key hooks to accommodate objects that cannot be hung. Be sure to take note of the way the hooks are mounted to the wall, as the mounting method may change according to the size of the unit.

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      A key.